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The following are instructions on how to build the documentation.
The canonical build platform is CentOS 5.x. You are welcome
to submit patches to allow the docs to build on other platforms,
as long as you don't break the primary build.
It has also been verified to build on the following platforms:
CentOS 5.8
RHEL 6.3
Required Tools:
The following tool sets are available on the official build
platform as part of the base distribution (that is, you can
use yum(8) to install them).
GNU make
docbook2html (CentOS package docbook-utils)
docbook2pdf (CentOS package docbook-utils-pdf)
Create the file etc/ See the comments in etc/
for details. If you would like to override values set in,
then create the file etc/
To build the documents, type:
This will create a 'gen' subdirectory with all the documentation
in it.
On the official build server only, to install the documents, type:
make install
You can clean up temporary files without affecting the built
documents by doing a:
make clean
You can do a complete cleanup, including built documents, via:
make clobber