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Command line options for PUAE
PUAE supports the following command-line options. Note that, where
applicable, these will over-ride any similar options specified in the
default configuration file.
In the following, <path> should be substituted with an appropriate file path
and <n> with an integer.
This document (like the rest of the documentation) is a work-in-progress.
Displays summary of configuration options.
-f <path>
Load the configuration file specified by <path>. See configuration.txt for
more information about configuration files. For example:
-f ~/my_uae_configs/a1200.uaerc
-s <option>
Specify an option in configuration file (<key>=<value>) format. For
example, use
-s ntsc=true
to start PUAE in NTSC mode.
See configuration.txt for supported options.
-0 <path>
-1 <path>
-2 <path>
-3 <path>
Mount the floppy disk image specified by <path> in drive 0/1/2/3. For
-0 somedisk.adf
-r <path>
Load the ROM image specified by <path>.
-K <path>
Use the key file specified by <path> to decrypt an encrypted ROM image (from
Cloanto's AmigaForever package).
Selects type of CPU to emulate. The value <n> corresponds to CPU types as
0: 68000
1: 68010
2: 68020
3: 68020/68881
4: 68040
6: 68060
Selects the performance model for the CPU emulation.
A value of 0 for <n> corresponds to 'real' CPU speed, that is,
approximately A500 speed; a value of -1 corresponds to the 'max' CPU speed,
that is, the emulation will run as fast as your system allows. A positive
value for <n> will select 'adjustable' CPU speed, where <n> specifies the
number of virtual emulator cycles that each CPU instructions will take and
can be between 1 and 5120. (Positive values for <n> correspond to the same
values specified with the 'finegrain_cpu_speed=' configuration option).
Selects the type of Amiga chip set to emulate. The value <n> corresponds to
chip set types as follows:
0: OCS
1: OCS but with the ECS or "Fat" Agnus.
3: ECS
4: AGA
Emulate <n> * 512 KB of Chip memory. The valid range of values for <n> is
from 1 to 16, which corresponds to 512 KB to 8 MB of Chip memory. For example:
will cause PUAE to emulate 2 MB of Chip memory.
Emulate <n> * 256 KB of Slow memory. Valid values for <n> include 0, 2, 4
and 6, which corresponds to 0 KB, 512 KB, 1 MB and 1.5 MB, respectively.
Emulate <n> MB of ZorroII Fast memory. A maximum of 8 MB is supported.
Emulate <n> MB of ZorroIII Fast memory. A maximum of 512 MB is supported.
Emulate <n> MB of video memory on the virtual Picasso96 graphics card.
Selecting <n> greater than 0, enables the Picasso96 emulation, and a maximum
of 32 MB of video memory may be emulated.
Use filesystem as Amiga volume, arguments are: access,'Amiga
volume-name':'host directory path' - where 'access' can be 'read-only' or
Hardfile specifications, arguments are: access, sectors, surfaces,
reserved, blocksize, path format
frame-skip rate, between 1 and 20
print illegal memory access by Amiga software?
joystick: Use -J xy, where x and y can be 0 for joystick 0, 1 for joystick
1, M for mouse, and a, b or c for different keyboard settings.
test drawing speed
disable GUI and goes straight to emulator
Enable the debugger
Perform blits immediately, 0: disable, 1: enable
keyboard language: (possible arguments: de, dk, us, se, fr, it, es)
The format to use is: "width:height:modifiers", where modifiers are: l:
Treat display as lo-res, x: Center display horizontally, y: Center display
vertically, d: double line, a: fullscreen Amiga, p: fullscreen Picasso96,
c: Correct aspect ratio
color_mode, or amiga_screen_type (if compiled with Amiga GFX support)
Options specific to the X11 graphics driver
Use "low-bandwidth" mode, which may reduce the amount of data transferred
between PUAE and the X server. That's particularly an advantage when these
are running on two different machines in a network.
Use the MIT-SHM extension. This may not be available on all machines, and
it will not work if PUAE and the X server are not running on the same
machine. In all other configurations, turning on this option will give you
a huge speed improvement.
Turn off the X11 mouse cursor.
Options specific to the AmigaOS graphics driver
If using a palette-mapped display (256 colours or fewer), render the output
in grey-scale rather than colour.
If using a palette-mapped display (256 colours or fewer), don't dither the
Options specific to the Curses graphics driver
Enable reverse video.
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