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1 parent 42462df commit 838ea4874e6f2ed4d8b01b57dfab5ce1a249083e @Gnonthgol committed Mar 26, 2012
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@@ -17,5 +17,10 @@ plugin.continuos_download.max_area Max area to download in degrees^2. Inc
plugin to download areas when you are zoomed far out.
plugin.continuos_download.strategy The strategy for finding what areas to request from the server.
+Download strategies:
+Box strategy Original code developed by zere for use in Potlatch 2. This strategy looks for the best way to combine
+ areas to be downloaded so that the area is as smal as possible.
+Simple strategy This is a test strategy that will download the entire area. Mostly used for testing.
All files in this plugin is licenced under GPL v2 or later unless stated.
8 build.xml
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
<!-- enter the SVN commit message -->
<property name="commit.message" value="Commit message"/>
<!-- enter the *lowest* JOSM version this plugin is currently compatible with -->
- <property name="plugin.main.version" value="5026"/>
+ <property name="plugin.main.version" value="5047"/>
<!-- should not be necessary to change the following properties -->
<property name="josm" location="../../core/dist/josm-custom.jar"/>
<property name="" value="build"/>
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@
<attribute name="Plugin-Date" value="${}"/>
<attribute name="Plugin-Description" value="Downloads new data when you pan/zoom"/>
<attribute name="Plugin-Icon" value="images/continous-download.png"/>
- <attribute name="Plugin-Link" value="..."/>
+ <attribute name="Plugin-Link" value=""/>
<attribute name="Plugin-Mainversion" value="${plugin.main.version}"/>
<attribute name="Plugin-Version" value="${version.entry.commit.revision}"/>
@@ -122,8 +122,8 @@
<xmlproperty file="REVISION" prefix="version" keepRoot="false" collapseAttributes="true"/>
<delete file="REVISION"/>
- <property name="version.entry.commit.revision" value="28134"/>
- <property name="" value="2012-03-21T02:21:36.326536Z"/>
+ <property name="version.entry.commit.revision" value="28151"/>
+ <property name="" value="2012-03-26T21:11:36.326536Z"/>

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