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A game about cleaning your apartment.
C# ShaderLab HLSL
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This game was made in a weekend during Global Game Jam 2019. The theme was "What does home mean to you?"

Your home is a sacred space. Unfortunately, it is also a very filthy place. No matter how hard you try to clean, it seems to always get filthier. In this life simulation you must clean your home as fast as you are able, while managing the onslaught of filth building up in your humble abode.

Check out webgl build on

Gameplay video on youtube


Scripting, audio, ui Gintas Skersys

3D, scripting Matt Bengston @bengsfort

Emotional Support Specialists Henri Viitanen @famerij Mathias Mäenpää Arhi Makkonen

Furniture Assets:

Audio Assets: and!/content/135943

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