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"Current set" flashcards never has a current set #52

nake90 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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As commented in the mail-list by Guillaume, when you try to practice using the "current set" it always shows a message that says that there is not a current set for practice.

It fails if you select them in the left panel list, when entering that sub-level by doubleclicking and with searches. Maybe this is not a bug and we are just missing something, but in that case maybe this could be considered as a request of improvement because that option is not very intuitive as it is now.


Seems to be more an interface design issue - see my comment on the list. If you select the right type of entry to practice, it should be ok. Or could you give precise steps to highlight the issue?

@Gnurou Gnurou was assigned

Yes, in fact I replied to the list yesterday but my emails seem to arrive with a huge delay, I don't know why.

I was using the left panel list, and that's why it didn't work. Thanks for the help.

However I use the left panel a lot more while studying, I just have some list of what I have studied in each chapter of my book. So I'd find more useful to just select those entries in the left panel and then selecting "practice" rather than searching them in order to be able to practice.
But I could also use tags or something.

What about two buttons to practice?. For example, if you click in the left '+' button and choose something like "practice current list" to practice with the selected entries from the left panel, and if you click in the right '+' button it uses the search list.


Yup, there is probably something to do in the UI for this. Planning that for the next release.

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