Maintain a folder of individual .svg files, and when they are added or removed, an icon webfont with CSS is automatically created/updated.
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Boundless Icon Font

This is an automated system to develop an icon webfont from all .svg files present in the "svg" folder.

It depends on FontCustom.

Design Guidelines

  • All colors will be rendered identically — including white fills.
  • Make transparent colors solid. SVGs with transparency will be skipped.
  • For greater precision, prefer fills to strokes (especially if your icon includes curves).
  • Keep your icon within a square viewBox. Font Custom scales each SVG to fit a 512x512 canvas with a baseline at 448.
  • Setting autowidth to true trims horizontal white space from each glyph. This can be much easier than centering dozens of SVGs by hand.
  • See screenshot for .svg export specs. Imprortant: export all SVGs as same size (512x512)


$ brew install fontforge eot-utils ttfautohint
$ gem install fontcustom


  1. Add, or remove .svg files to/from the svg folder
  2. run fontcustom compile from this directory
  3. Visit the styleguide folder to preview your font in the browser.
  4. Assuming your www repo is in the same directory as boundless-icon-font, simply run ./
  5. Commit and push changes to this repo or the next person to alter boundless-icon-font will create conflicts!


  • Config file is fontcustom.yml. These config settings will only be loaded if the fontcustom command is run while in this directory.