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GoCodeColorado - Field Descriptions

The field_descriptions.csv is a list of all fields that make up datasets that are managed by the GoCode Colorado data team. Datasets on the Colorado Information Marketplace (CIM) where type = ‘map’ do not have field descriptions viewable, so this provides the canonical list of all field descriptions for all datasets on CIM with keyword ‘gocodecolorado’. This 2018 version of this csv represents the most current definition of the field description, and if there are discrepancies between this and CIM please default to the field descriptions in this csv sheet.

Types of Field Names

The API Field Name is sometimes different than a human readable field name, where capitalization and spaces are removed. We are including the API Field Name. Also note, some of the field names for maps are extremely short: with shapefiles there is a 10 character field name limit, which will truncate the field names if they are too long.

All field descriptions that are known and documented by the GoCode Colorado data team are included. If anything is blank, the field description is not definitely known, and inference will have to be used.