A JavaScript client library for the GoCoin API.
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A JavaScript client library for the GoCoin API. It is written in CoffeeScript and is ready for use in both modern browsers and Node.js servers.

npm install gocoin


*Example code *Full API spec

Basic Usage

GoCoin = require 'gocoin'
client = new GoCoin.Client()

client.setToken myAccessToken

client.users.self (err, user)->
  console.log user


gocoin = new GoCoin.Client()
gocoin.xrate.get (err, resp) ->
  xrate = resp


Note: All callbacks follow the standard argument pattern of:

  function(error, result) {}
  (error, result) ->


| parameter | description |type | default value | | ---------| --- | -- | ---------- | | logger | logging function, must be an instance of winston | Function | custom logger | | host | api host | string | "api.gocoin.com" | | secure | SSL on or off, will default @port to 443 or 80 | boolean| true | | port | port to route requests through - supercedes "secure" parameter | integer | null | | path | used for prefixing routes | string | "/api" | | api_version | api version | string | "v1" | | method | default request method | string | "GET" | | headers | add a header to all requests | object | null | | parse_json | when true, this automatically parses responses as JSON | string | true | | request_id | include a request_id with every request - useful for debugging | string | null |

gocoin = new GoCoin.Client
  secure: true
  parse_json: true
  request_id: "12345"



Stores the access token for use with all requests


Will return the client instance access token


Returns the Authorization Code URL

params = {
  client_id: <application id>,
  response_type: 'code'
  redirect_uri: <application redirect uri>
  scope: "user_read invoice_read_write"
  state: <optional string>
url = gocoin.getCodeUrl params

client.authenticate(params, callback)

Obtains an access token

params = {
  client_id: <application id>,
  client_secret: <application secret key>
  redirect_uri: <application redirect uri>
  grant_type: "authorization_code"
  code: <access token authorization code>
gocoin.authenticate params, (err, body) ->
  access_token = body.access_token
  #store access token in db (recommended) or instantiate token
  gocoin.setToken access_token
  #make other requests


users.get(user_id, callback)
users.update(params, callback)
params = {id: user_id, data: <updated user obj>}
users.update_password(params, callback)
params = {
  id: user_id,
  data: {
    current_password: "password",
    password: "passwordtwo",
    password_confirmation: "passwordtwo"


merchants.get(merchant_id, callback)
merchants.update(params, callback)
params = {id: merchant_id, data: <updated merchant obj>}
merchants.getSplit(params, callback)
params = {id: merchant_id, currency_code: "BTC"}
merchants.updateSplit(params, callback)
params = {
  id: merchant_id,
  currency_code: "BTC"
  payment_crypto_split: 100
merchants.getSettings(merchant_id, callback)
merchants.updateSettings(params, callback)
params = {id: merchant_id, data: <updated settings obj>}
merchants.listCurrencies(merchant_id, callback)


accounts.list(merchant_id, callback)
accounts.getTransactions(params, callback)
params = {id: merchant_id, data: <optional search parameters>}


invoices.create(params, callback)
params = {id: merchant_id, data: <invoice obj>}
invoices.get(params, callback)
params = {id: invoice_id, verbose: <optional boolean>}
invoices.search(params, callback)
params = {id: merchant_id, data: <optional search parameters>}
invoices.confirmPaymentMethod(params, callback)
params = {id: merchant_id, data: <updated invoice obj>}
invoices.fulfill(invoice_id, callback)
invoices.sendWebhook(params, callback)
params = {
  id: merchant_id,
  data: {
    event_type: "invoice_ready_to_ship",
    callback_url: "https://testurl.com"


payouts.get(params, callback)
params = {id: payout_id, verbose: <optional boolean>}
payouts.list(merchant_id, callback)




Copyright 2013 GoCoin Pte. Ltd.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.