BETA - GoCoin plugin for nopCommerce
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BETA - GoCoin plugin for nopCommerce


Using the Official GoCoin nopcommerce Plugin

When a shopper chooses the GoCoin payment method and places their order, they will be redirected to to pay.
GoCoin will send a notification to your server which this plugin handles. Then the customer will be redirected to an order summary page.

The order status in the admin panel will be "Processing" when the order is placed and payment has been confirmed.

1. Installation

nopcommerce ( must be installed before installing this plugin.

a. Copy "Nop.Plugin.Payments.GoCoin" folder and its contents into your "Plugins" directory (nopCommerce_3.40_Source\Plugins)
b. Rebuild the soultion will enlist the nop plugin in the plugin list from where you can install the plugin

2. Get API Key.

1) Enable the GoCoin Hosted Payment Gateway
2) Get API Key from GoCoin Dashboard
The GoCoin Dashboard gives you the ability to obtain an API Key
Click On Developers

Navigate to the Developers menu from the dashboard home


More information can be found here

3. Configuration

  1. In the Admin panel click Configuration > Plugins, then click Install button besides GoCoin.

  2. Configure GoCoin Payment extension
    a) Enter Merchant ID and API key

  3. SAVE AGAIN. You are now ready to accept payments with GoCoin!