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Python Library for the GoCoin API
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BETA - Python Library for the GoCoin API - Only Basic calls supported

Assumes you have an API Key or access token with user_read and invoice_read_write scopes

The full API spec is here

client = gocoin.Client(access_token)

Client Methods


user = client.get_active_user()

get_user(self, user_id):

user_id = '123' user = client.get_user(user_id)

get_invoice(self, invoice_id):

user = client.get_invoice(invoice_id)

create_invoice(self, merchant_id, invoice_params):
invoice_params = {"price_currency": "BTC",
                  "base_price": "10",
                  "base_price_currency": "USD"}

# if you do not have your merchant_id stored, you can get it from the user object
merchant_id = user[u'merchant_id']
invoice = client.create_invoice(merchant_id, invoice_params)
search_invoices(self, search_params):
search_params = {"status": 'billed'} 
client = gocoin.Client(self.access_token)
invoices = client.search_invoices(search_params)
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