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A Ruby gem for the GoCoin API.


gem 'gocoin'

or in a Gemfile

require 'gocoin'


Instantiate a Gocoin client

gocoin_client = Gocoin::Client.new(
    client_id: '<CLIENT ID>',
    client_secret: '<CLIENT SECRET>',
    redirect_uri: 'https://myapp.com'

Generate the URL a user must visit to authorize the app

    response_type: 'code',
    client_id: gocoin_client.options[:client_id],
    redirect_uri: gocoin_client.options[:redirect_uri],
    scope: 'user_read_write invoice_read_write',
    state: 'state_token_you_provide'

You then need to either use an HTTP client to GET the URL returned by construct_code_url or paste it into your browser and manually copy the RETURNED_CODE in the redirect (see below).

The redirect will return the code as a parameter in the URL. For example: https://myapp.com?code=RETURNED_CODE&state=state_token_you_provide

Call Client#authenticate with the code as a parameter to retrieve a persistent token with the requests grant permissions.

token = gocoin_client.authenticate( code: CODE )
gocoin_client.token = token[:access_token]

Note that token[:access_token] should be stored in your app if you wish to avoid the authentication procedure each time the app is used. Once you have a valid access token, you can make all of the following API calls.

Retrieve user data

# Gocoin::User#self()
# Require user_read or user_read_write privilege
user_self = gocoin_client.user.self

# Gocoin::User#get(id)
same_user = gocoin_client.user.get(user_self[:id])

Update user data

# Gocoin::User#update(id, params = {})
# Requires user_read_write grant_type
gocoin_client.user.update( user_self[:id],
    email: 'updated@emailaddress.com',
    first_name: 'Your',
    last_name: 'NewName'

Update the user's password

# Gocoin::User#update_password(id, params = {})
# Requires user_password_write permission
    current_password: 'gocoin',
    password: 'gocoin2',
    password_confirmation: 'gocoin2'

Get your merchant_id from your user object (as shown above)

merchant_id = user_self[:merchant_id]

# Gocoin::Merchant#get(id)
# Requires merchants_read or merchant_read_write privilege
merchant_self = gocoin_client.merchant.get(merchant_id))

Update your merchant data

# Gocoin::Merchant#update(id, params = {})
# Requires merchant_read_write privilege
gocoin_client.merchant.update( merchant_id,
  name: "Blingin' Merchant", 
  address_1: "123 Main St.",
  address_2: "Suite 1", 
  city: "Los Angeles", 
  region: "CA", 
  country_code: "US", 
  postal_code: "90000", 
  contact_name: "Bling McBlingerton", 
  phone: "1-555-555-5555", 
  website: "http://www.blinginmerchant.com", 
  description: "Some description.", 
  tax_id: "000000"

Get info on your accounts payable

# Gocoin::Merchant#accounts(merchant_id)
# Requires merchant_read or merchant_read_write privilege
gocoin_client.merchant.accounts( merchant_id )

Get a list of transactions on an account payable

# Gocoin::Accounts#transactions(account_id, params = {})
# Requires account_read privilege
gocoin_client.accounts.transactions( account_id )

Create an invoice

# Gocoin::Invoices#create(id, params = {})
# Requires invoice_read_write privilege
created_invoice = gocoin_client.invoices.create( merchant_id,
  price_currency: "BTC",
  base_price: 134.00,
  base_price_currency: "USD",
  confirmations_required: 6,
  notification_level: "all",
  callback_url: "https://myapp.com/gocoin/callback",
  redirect_url: "https://myapp.com/redirect"

Retrieve invoices

# Gocoin::Invoices#get(id)
retrieved_invoice = gocoin_client.invoices.get(created_invoice[:id]

# Gocoin::Invoices#search(params = {})
searched_invoices = gocoin_client.invoices.search(
    merchant_id: merchant_id,
    status: 'new',
    start_time: '2013-01-01',
    end_time: '2013-12-31',
    page: 1,
    per_page: 20

Retrieve existing payout details

# Gocoin::Merchant::Payouts#get(merchant_id, payout_id)
# Requires merchant_read_write privilege
existing_payout = gocoin_client.merchant.payouts.get( merchant_id, payout_id )
# Gocoin::Merchant::Payouts#list(merchant_id)
# Requires merchant_read_write privilege
existing_payouts = gocoin_client.merchant.payouts.list( merchant_id )

Retrieve existing currency conversion details

# Gocoin::Merchant::CurrencyConversions#get(merchant_id, currency_conversion_id)
# Requires merchant_read_write privilege
existing_currency_conversion = gocoin_client.merchant.currency_conversions.get( merchant_id, currency_conversion_id )
# Gocoin::Merchant::CurrencyConversions#list(merchant_id)
# Requires merchant_read_write privilege
existing_currency_conversions = gocoin_client.merchant.currency_conversions.list( merchant_id )

Retrieve data on supported currencies

# Gocoin::Merchant::Currencies#get(merchant_id, currency_conversion_id)
# Requires merchant_read or merchant_read_write privilege
currency_detail = gocoin_client.merchant.currencies.get( merchant_id, 'BTC' )
# Gocoin::Merchant::Currencies#list(merchant_id)
# Requires merchant_read or merchant_read_write privilege
all_currency_details = gocoin_client.merchant.currency_conversions.list( merchant_id )

Update your crypto/fiat split for a currency

# Gocoin::Merchant::Currencies#update(merchant_id, currency_code, params)
# Requires merchant_read_write privilege
gocoin_client.merchant.currencies.update( merchant_id, 'BTC',
  payment_crypto_split: 75