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It is basically a collection of tools that make developing in for SQL Server in SSDT better or easier. If anyone has any ideas for a tool that they would find useful please feel free to fork it on github and add it.

For full details of what this is see:

For the latest release grab it from:

For help open an issue or use the gitter room.


The first one is MergeUi which basically (as you might imagine) puts a gui around merger statements in post deployment scripts to make it simple to deploy static or reference data with an SSDT project

  • Re-write unnamed primary keys into named table constraints
  • Create tSQLt schemas (classes) including the extended property everyone always forgets
  • Take a stored procedure or tvf and create a tSQLt test for it including faking every take in the procedure and creating the parameters needed for the procedure and calling it
  • When developing a stored procedure (or tvf) configure a connection to a database with realistic statistics and have high costing queries hightlighted so it is easy to see queries that will cause issues (not a 100% catch all obviously)
  • Re-write non sargable isnulls into sargable searches
  • T-Sql Clippy (automatic re-writes, != into <>, name ordinals in order by etc)



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