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Packaged 3D assets for use in Metaverse
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Meta Animation Packager

Meta Animation Packager

This tool will help you bundle your 3D assets for use in Metaverse Studio. Right now, due to restrictions with iOS, you will need to use a Mac to bundle your assets.


  • A computer running macOS
  • A Wavefront (OBJ) export of your 3D asset, including materials and textures
  • A PNG or animated GIF preview of your 3D asset, with transparency
  • If your asset has animations, a separate Collada (DAE) export for each animation

Setting up the directories

Look at the example/astronaut folder in this repository for an example of how you must setup the directory. You MUST have a folder named obj, containing in its root the OBJ export. If your asset has animations, you must export each named animation to its own folder under a folder named dae. The name of the folder will be the display name of the animation in Metaverse studio. Each animation must include its own copy of the image textures.


Run the script with the folder root as the argument:

$ ./ example/astronaut

When the script finishes, you will have a ZIP archive named that can be uploaded to Metaverse Studio.


Notes when exporting Collada files

  • Make sure image textures are referenced relative to the .dae file. If your texture uses absolute paths, it will not render correctly. You can verify this by opening the .dae file in a text editor and looking fort the <library_images> tag. If all you see in the <init_from> tags is the texture name, you're good. If you see things like file:///Users/user/Desktop/ or anything like that, you will need to edit the file to remove the path.
  • Make sure your units are set to meters
  • Make sure your object scale is normalized to (1, 1, 1)

Notes about file sizes

  • Metaverse loads assets over the network. Please be concious of this when designing and exporting your assets. For seamless loading, you should keep each export under 5MB in size.
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