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Go is great language with an awesome community. A community that ranges from beginners to pros. Thinking a bit about it, I thought why not use some free time to harness our Go skills and GoPro :).

The idea here is to get experts from the community to review the code for the projects we develop. Some of us will have more knoweldge in Go than the others which is even better. The goal is to come up with coding projects (repositories under https://github.com/GoSayan ). And then code it together taking into consideration good patterns and incorporating topics such as:

  • CI / CD
  • Messaging
  • Networking
  • Web developement
  • API developement or usage
  • DBMS
  • ... and more

Add your suggestion for projects and your feedback to the GoSayan Slack channel.

Below are some project templates

Each repository belonging to the same topic should have the same topic tag. For example, repository "GoDockerDeploy" has the tags #golang and #docker. For DB related projects the tags should be #golang #db for example.





Web Developement



If you would like to moderate any of these projects please let us know on the gosayan slack channel.

If you decide to collaborate or contribute to one of the projects, it would be great to create a project template with subdirectories that follow the best-practice :)

Eventually, after the completion of each project, we will end-up with a set of nice patterns for each use-case.