Burp and ZAP plugin to analyse Content-Security-Policy headers or generate template CSP configuration from crawling a Website
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CSP Auditor Build Status

This plugin provides:

  • a readable view of CSP Headers in Response Tab
  • passive scan rules to detect weak CSP configuration
  • a CSP configuration generator based on the Burp crawler or using manual browsing

This project is packaged as a ZAP and Burp plugin.


Last updated : August 3th 2017


Passive rules and custom tab:

CSP Auditor Burp Plugin

Configuration builder:

CSP Auditor Burp Plugin

Building the plugin

Type the following command:

./gradlew build

or if you have already Gradle installed on your machine:

gradle build

Read more

For more context around Content-Security-Policy and how to apply it to your website see our blog posts on the topic: