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from pydradis3 import Pydradis3
from pyHaveIBeenPwned import pyHaveIBeenPwned
from json import dumps
import csv
from sys import argv, exit, version
from argparse import ArgumentParser
class HaveIBeenPwndDradis(object):
def __init__(self):
self.arg = self.processArguments()
if len(argv) != 5:
print("Possibly missing arguments. Try HELP")
# Dradis API Configuration
self.verifyCert = True # change this to make requests without verifying
self.dradisApiToken = self.arg.dradisApiToken
self.dradisProjectId = self.arg.dradisProjectId
self.dradisUrl = self.arg.dradisUrl
self.dradisDebug = False
self.dradisSession = Pydradis3(self.dradisApiToken, self.dradisUrl, self.dradisDebug, self.verifyCert)
self.querySession = pyHaveIBeenPwned()
def run(self):
with open(self.arg.csvFileName)as csvfile:
csvObj = csv.reader(csvfile, delimiter=',')
for csvRow in csvObj:
userEmailOrDomain = csvRow[0]
self.performQuery(userEmailOrDomain, self.dradisProjectId)
except Exception as e:
self.dradisSession = None
def searchApi(self, query: str):
print("Performing breach query for {0}. Be patient, this can take 4 to 20 seconds.".format(query))
if "@" in query:
breachList = self.querySession.getAccountBreaches(query)
print("Performing paste query for {0}. Be patient, this can take 4 to 20 seconds.".format(query))
pasteList = self.querySession.getAccountPastes(query)
if type(pasteList) == type(str()):
pasteList = []
breachList = self.querySession.getDomainBreaches(query)
pasteList = []
if type(breachList) == type(str()):
breachList = []
pasteList = []
searchResults = breachList + pasteList
return searchResults
def performQuery(self, userEmailOrDomain: str, projectId: str):
pwndResults = self.searchApi(userEmailOrDomain)
if pwndResults:
nodeId = self.createNode(userEmailOrDomain, projectId)
if nodeId:
print("Node {0} for {1} found on projectId {2}".format(nodeId, userEmailOrDomain, projectId))
issueId = self.createIssue(userEmailOrDomain, projectId, nodeId)
if issueId:
print("Issue {0} for {1} created on projectId {2}".format(issueId, nodeId, projectId))
for pwndResult in pwndResults:
if pwndResult.get('Source'):
text = '#[Title]#\r\n' + userEmailOrDomain + '_paste\r\n\r\n'
text = '#[Title]#\r\n' + userEmailOrDomain + '_breach\r\n\r\n'
for resultKey in pwndResult:
text += '#[{0}]#\r\n'.format(resultKey) + '{0}\r\n'.format(pwndResult[resultKey]) + '\r\n\r\n'
evidenceId = self.createEvidence(nodeId, projectId, issueId, text)
if evidenceId:
print("Evidence {0} for {1} created on projectId {2}".format(evidenceId, issueId, projectId))
print("Evidence creation for {0} failed on projectId {1}".format(issueId, projectId))
print("Issue creation for {0} failed on projectId {1}".format(nodeId, projectId))
print("Node creation for {0} failed on projectId {1}".format(userEmailOrDomain, projectId))
print("No breach results for {0}".format(userEmailOrDomain))
def createIssue(self, userEmailOrDomain, projectId, nodeId):
# Call create_issue_raw from pydradis3 which accepts a manually constructed payload as data
issueTitle = "{0} (node id {1}) found in one or more breaches, databases or pastebins".format(userEmailOrDomain, nodeId)
issueText = issueTitle + "\n Please review evidence for information on each instance."
issueTags = ["##{0}##".format(nodeId), "##{0}##".format(userEmailOrDomain)]
createIssue = self.dradisSession.create_issue(projectId, issueTitle, issueText)
return createIssue
def createNode(self, nodeName: str, projectId: int):
nodeList = self.dradisSession.get_nodelist(projectId)
for nodeEntry in nodeList:
if str(nodeName).lower() == str(nodeEntry[0]).lower():
print("Found node match: {0}, id {1}".format(nodeName, nodeEntry[1]))
return nodeEntry[1]
print("No node match for: {0}".format(nodeName))
createNode = self.dradisSession.create_node(projectId, nodeName, 0, None, 1)
print("Created node: {0}, id {1}".format(nodeName, createNode))
return createNode
def createEvidence(self, nodeId, projectId, issueId, evidenceData):
createEvidence = self.dradisSession.create_evidence_raw(projectId, node_id=nodeId, issue_id=issueId, data=evidenceData)
return createEvidence
def processArguments(self):
# parse the arguments
parser = ArgumentParser(epilog='\tExample: \r\npython ' + argv[0] +
" -i users.csv 21 xa632ghas87d393287",
description="Open .CSV, check haveibeenpawned API for each email and "
"post to Dradis\n\n")
parser.add_argument('csvFileName', help=".csv filename")
parser.add_argument('dradisUrl', help="Dradis URL")
parser.add_argument('dradisProjectId', help="Dradis Project ID")
parser.add_argument('dradisApiToken', help="Dradis API token")
return parser.parse_args()
if __name__ == "__main__":
scriptInstance = HaveIBeenPwndDradis()