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Compiling the Gumstix kernel

This is a walk-through for compiling the Gumstix 2.6.39 power management kernel (uImage), using the Emdebian/Debian tools (instead of using OpenEmbedded/Bitbake). The steps should be similar for newer kernels.

2014-12-15 Note: Use the updated kernel source at

I created this walk-through on Ubuntu 12.04; any recent Debian or derivative should suffice.

  1. Prepare your system (gcc-4.3 cross-toolchain from Emdebian, for more details, see

    sudo bash
    apt-get install git u-boot-tools emdebian-archive-keyring
    echo "deb squeeze main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
    apt-get update
    apt-get install gcc-4.3-arm-linux-gnueabi
  2. Use git to fetch the kernel source:

    git clone git://
    cd linux-omap-2.6
    git checkout --track -b omap-2.6-pm origin/omap-2.6.39-pm

    (Here's where you could choose a newer kernel version by choosing a different git branch).

  3. Set your environmental variables to use the correct cross-toolchain (download: kernel-dev-deb.env)

    source kernel-dev-deb.env
  4. The kernel configuration used here (config-2.6.39) is a slightly modified version of Steve Sakoman's PM configuration from the Open Embedded repository. See his blog post as well.

  5. Copy the downloaded config to linux-omap-2.6.git/.config and (if desired)

    make menuconfig

    to modify it.

  6. When you have a .config that makes you happy, build the image uImage and modules

    make include/linux/version.h
    make uImage
    make modules
  7. To install them:

    make modules_install INSTALL_MOD_PATH=/media/rootfs
    cp arch/arm/boot/uImage /media/boot

    Change /media/rootfs and /media/boot to correspond to your root filesystem and boot partitions. See InstallOnGumstixOvero for details on partitioning your SD card and creating a filesystem.

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