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Goby Release Checklist:

  • Merge all relevant pull requests into version branch (e.g. 2.1)

  • Check build and unit tests

  • Update version, release date (and soversion, if relevant) in CMakeLists.txt

  • Update release notes in release.txt

  • Commit and push updated version, etc.

  • Click "Draft a new release" at

  • Grab the source tarball for the release using git archive:

      git archive --prefix=goby2-$RELEASE/ -o goby2-$RELEASE.tar.gz $RELEASE
  • Build the Debian source package

      mv goby2-$RELEASE.tar.gz ~/deb/src/goby2_$RELEASE.orig.tar.gz
      cd ~/deb/src
      tar xfz goby2_$RELEASE.orig.tar.gz 
      cd goby2-$RELEASE
      git clone -b 2.0 debian
      cd debian
      dch -i
      # edit release notes for one of the Ubuntu LTS releases
      debuild -S -sa
  • Edit changelog for the other Ubuntu LTS releases

      emacs changelog 
      # change release name and release distro
      debuild -S -sd
  • Upload to PPA

      dput ppa:goby-dev/ppa goby2_2.1.2-0gobydev6~ubuntu12.04.1_source.changes
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