Some fancy Bash aliases
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fancy aliases

Some fancy Bash aliases

Using msu, you can move around with them from machine to machine

Note: Documenting these aliases is plainly tedious, and not worth automating. Read through the file instead. It is simple!

The aliases wrap around the following commands:

  1. apt-get
  2. cd
  3. clear
  4. docker
  5. git
  6. hub
  7. ln
  8. ls
  9. mercurial
  10. npm
  11. pip
  12. supervisord
  13. xclip


Installation options:

  1. Ensure you have msu installed:

    $ msu install gh:GochoMugo/fancy-aliases

    You need to restart your terminal for the aliases to be available, or use msu's alias msu.reload.

  2. You may simply download the and source it in your ~/.bashrc

help information:


$ fancy-aliases


The MIT License (MIT)

Copyright © 2016 GochoMugo