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FYI: I'm abandoning the even/odd release numbering scheme in favor of using preview releases. Going forward the master branch will use the following release numbering:

  • 0.11.0.alpha.N.shortsha (Not tagged)
  • 0.11.0.beta.N (tagged, new features expected)
  • 0.11.0.rc.N (tagged, no new features expected)


  • A proper welcome page for blueprint projects (or delete it)
  • Rails Integration


  • some extension commands
  • Better help for commands and patterns
  • Color Palette extraction and management commands


Planned Release Date: Aug 2, 2010 This is a quick iteration release. The focus on turning out even better documentation and some stylesheet updates and enhancements that take better advantage of the Sass 3 features.

Docs (can be done on stable)

  • Improve the design
  • Better tutorials and getting started guides.
  • Terminal for Designers
  • Better examples & example navigation
  • Contribution guide:
    • Compass stylesheets
    • Compass ruby code
    • Documentation patches
  • SCSS Style Guide
  • Bundler 1.0 support
  • Upgrade nanoc
  • Better search experience
  • Search mixins and constants and code fragments that might use those.
  • Awesome homepage that is better integrated with the docs.
  • HTML5 the docs so they can run locally in offline mode.

Compass Core

  • Updates as necessary to the CSS3 module as the spec process develops.
  • Typography module


  • Provide an option to use @extend in the blueprint grid


  • Fully integrated support of Rails 3


  • Consider adding app integration with: Node.js, Django, Drupal, Wordpress (Wherever opinionated layouts exist). Also, try to make one of these a plugin to test out the concept.
  • clean up all the argument names in preparation for keyword argument support from sass.


This release depends on Sass 3.2 and is aimed at taking advantage of the new sass 3.2 feature set as well as really making the extensions system come alive. Since I don't foresee any deprecations in Sass 3.2, this will not be a coordinated release. Instead, this release will trail Sass 3.2 by a month or two.

Compass Core

  • Figure out what to do about multiple attribute properties like background. Might require list and function support from sass.


  • If sass 3.2 is out with @function support, use that for grid calculations, otherwise punt to 1.0.


  • Extension registry on
  • One step publishing via github + webhooks
  • Easy install via CLI
  • Local (per-user) extension repo with auto-discovery.
  • Video showing how easy it is to create, publish, and install an extension.

v1.0 - Polaris


  • If the @extend version of the grid is full of win, make it the default.


Extract the compass documentation system into a stand-alone project.


  • Build basic docs and host them for all extensions using sassdoc.
  • Support for selling extensions and taking a cut for

Project Tools

  • enable building project docs using the sassdoc tool.


Version 2 is all about making compass easier to use. Compass and Sass will have a GUI that makes it simple to manage your projects.

GUI Prerelease 1

  • Concept brainstorming
  • mockups
  • How can compass gui and sass gui interoperate or plug in.

GUI Prerelease 2

Beta release as a separate install.

GUI Prerelease 3

  • Iterate based on feedback.
  • Integrate with a Sass GUI.
  • Embed the docs

One-click Installers

Install compass and sass with one click

  • Windows (Only if someone else wants to build and maintain it.)
  • Mac (.dmg + drag & drop app or installer)
  • Linux (Get distro packages going and in place for the 1.0 release)