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Simple example using C

This is a small example using C to create a GDNative script that just showcases some very simple bare bones calls



  • You need Godot headers, this is now a submodule of this repo
  • clang or any decent C compiler that's C11 or C99 compatible

Scons (cross platform)

You can use scons to compile the library if you have it installed:

scons platform=PLATFORM

Where platform is: x11, osx or windows


To compile the library on Linux, do

cd src
clang -std=c11 -fPIC -c -I../godot_headers simple.c -o simple.os
clang -shared simple.os -o ../demo/bin/x11/

This creates the file in your demo/bin/x11 directory. For windows you need to find out what compiler flags need to be used, I don't know which ones. (If you do, feel free to fork and update this project and README)

Mac OS X

On Mac OS X:

cd src
clang -std=c11 -fPIC -c -I../godot_headers simple.c -o simple.os -arch i386 -arch x86_64
clang -dynamiclib simple.os -o ../demo/bin/osx/libsimple.dylib -arch i386 -arch x86_64

This creates the file 'libsimple.dylib' as a universal binary (or alternatively remove one of the -arch options from both commands if you want to just compile for one architecture).


On Windows:

cd src
cl /Fosimple.obj /c simple.c /nologo -EHsc -DNDEBUG /MD /I. /I../godot_headers
link /nologo /dll /out:..\demo\bin\win64\libsimple.dll /implib:..\demo\bin\win64\libsimple.lib simple.obj

This creates the file libsimple.dll in your demo/bin/win64 directory.


Create a new object using load("res://SIMPLE.gdns").new()

This object has following methods you can use:

  • get_data()
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