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Godot-D API Generator

This program generates D bindings for the class API exported by Godot.

All the modules in classes/ are generated using this program.


  • Export the API from the Godot editor with <godot editor executable> --gdnative-generate-json-api api.json.
  • Copy (or symlink) the generated api.json to godot-d/ (next to dub.json).
  • Copy (or symlink) modules/gdnative/gdnative_api.json from Godot source to godot-d/.
    • Note: take it from up-to-date Godot source even if you'll use an older Godot binary. Any newer GDNative functions used by the bindings must be declared for them to compile, but your library will be backwards-compatible thanks to GDNative's extension API.
  • Compile and run the generator with dub run godot-d:generator. It will place the generated classes in classes/ automatically.
    (Remember to delete the entire classes directory first when re-exporting, in case any classes were removed.)

The main Godot-D package can now be compiled.

If you need the generator to use a different API JSON or output directory, you can still specify those options: godot-d_generator [path/to/api.json] [output/dir]