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Godot OpenVR GDNative module

This module is provided as is, all files are contained within the addons/godot-openvr-asset folder

This module requires Godot 3.1 or newer to run, Godot 3.2 is highly recommended.

The scenes subfolder contains a number of godot scenes that help you set up your project. For basic functionality start with adding ovr_first_person.tcn to your project. Also make sure that vsync is turned off in your project settings.

Source code for this module can be found here:

Also note that we have a support asset containing a number of useful scenes to get you going building VR applications in Godot:

Documentation on using this asset can be found here:

HDR support

HDR support was added to OpenVR but requires the keep_3d_linear flag added to Godot 3.2. This will ensure rendering inside of the headset is correct. The preview on screen will look darker. You can solve this by using a separate viewport.

When using Godot 3.1 you need to either use the GLES2 renderer or turn HDR off on the viewport used to render to the HMD.


The Godot OpenVR module and the godot scenes in this add on are all supplied under an MIT License.

The dynamic libraries supplier by Valve fall under Valve's own license. For more information about this license please visit

About this repository

This repository was created by and is maintained by Bastiaan Olij a.k.a. Mux213

You can follow me on twitter for regular updates here:

Videos about my work with Godot including tutorials on working with VR in Godot can by found on my youtube page: