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Welcome to GoldFund’s trader and developer documentation. These documents outline the trade functionality, market details, and APIs.

GoldFund's cryptocurrency exchange trades gold as a physical commodity (the GFUN token is not tied to the price of gold, and does not represent a security). Currently GFUN is freely paired to Gold. GFUN tokens can also be traded against AUD (Australian Dollar) as well.

GoldFund is a platform for assisting near term gold producers, and as a result, GoldFund receives a part of the mined Gold to trade on the GoldFund Exchange, and also, traders can redeem physical gold using the GFUN token at a discount to market from Gold that is returned from our production partners.

GoldFund is affiliated with Gold explorers and developers.

To view our GoldFund Exchange API, please select the function from the public functions on this page.

GFUN tokens can also be traded on the following cryptocurrency exchanges: