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Based on recent forum questions updated Qt version for v3.5, lupdate path and libz requirements.
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amtriathlon committed Nov 29, 2019
1 parent cc633a7 commit b3a4b4a84eec471ff0d3d106a5e1f1be5c479522
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@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ login and open a terminal to get a shell prompt
Download and install the Qt SDK from
Once that is completed test qmake is ok with: qmake --version (should report 4.7.0 or higher)
Once that is completed test qmake is ok with: qmake --version (should report 4.9.8 or higher)

@@ -91,11 +91,20 @@ $ make clean
$ qmake
$ make

To compile translation you need QT tool - lrelease
If it is not found using he defaults in src/ then set the full path and filename in gcconfig.pri
QMAKE_LRELEASE = /usr/bin/lrelease

When build first time you get number of error messages on .qm files missing:
"RCC: Error in 'Resources/application.qrc': Cannot find file 'translations/gc_fr.qm'"
You can ignore these messages for your build. The .qm files will be created during the
build at a later point in time via the "lrelease" command you configured in gcconfig.pri)

If your QT build includes its own local compress libs then you should comment the line below in gcconfig.pri,
otherwise you will need to have the compress libraries installed separately.
#LIBZ_LIBS = -lz

You will now have a release3 binary but with none of the release3 dependencies compiled in.
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