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travis-ci - build linux AppImage with version string for v3.5 release

This is a temporary hack to avoid creating a new tag
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amtriathlon committed Jan 13, 2020
1 parent 151c98d commit c6691bf2d7e24a2284eda1d3c57156353d75561a
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@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ cp qwt/ qwt/qwtconfig.pri
cp src/ src/gcconfig.pri
# Define GC version string, only for tagged builds
if [ -n "$TRAVIS_TAG" ]; then echo DEFINES += GC_VERSION=VERSION_STRING >> src/gcconfig.pri; fi
# Temporary hack to get a build with 3.5 version string without a new TAG
echo DEFINES += GC_VERSION=VERSION_STRING >> src/gcconfig.pri;
echo DEFINES += NOWEBKIT >> src/gcconfig.pri
# Trusty needs C99 mode to enable declarations in for loops

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