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Version 3.2 Release Candidate 2

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@liversedge liversedge released this 02 Jul 14:04
· 10376 commits to master since this release

Updated to resolve bugs listed in #1417

Fixes since RC1X:

  • 6a22890 Fix Mac QT4.8 showhideToolbar compile error
  • c3ac435 Fix SEGV on Mac QT4.8
  • 4d03b52 Fix SEGV with Power Phase on AllPlot
  • 00badb6 Fix tHb units
  • 32ae899 Add Moxy tHb metrics
  • 6d1dd8b TrainingPeaks download nits
  • 934374e Fix SEGV on save config during refresh
  • a8c332b Setup pace zones for running and swimming in New Athlete Changed CV default according to sport
  • 270dbfb Small fix for C -> F temperature conversion
  • 0d025af Don't skip user intervals for peaks etc
  • 8a09fe0 Enable user to configure autodiscovery
  • 22dbfae Remove ColumnChooser "duplicates"
  • 32e0392 "Calendar_Text" and Filtering
  • c7d2981 Fix Column Chooser 'Z' fields
  • 05bffb0 Fixed interval alignment To be inline with the new interval structure
  • b03420b Fix SEGV on time going backwards
  • 2f7cb42 Minor cosmetic tweaks for Core Temp
  • 2222d1d Fix Core Temp SEGV

New bugs for this RC are in #1424

GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC2_64bit.dmg - QT5.4.2 for 10.7+
GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC2_QT4.dmg - QT4.8.7 for 10.6+

GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC2_32bit_WIN_Installer.exe - QT5.4.2 for Vista+
GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC2_64bit_WIN_Installer.exe - QT5.4.2 for Vista+
GoldenCheetah_32bit_3.2.0_RC2_Windows_Installer.exe - QT4.8.6 for XP+