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Version 3.2 Release Candidate 3

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@liversedge liversedge released this 11 Jul 20:01
· 10474 commits to master since this release

Includes Fixes to V3.2 RC2 reported under #1424 and language updates plus some minor fixes.
Bugs in the release candidate are recorded in #1444

Please note this release is built against commit 6a2c779, and NOT 587f452 as a couple of late fixes came in after the release that we wanted to include (but creating a new release was overkill).

Fixes include:
6a2c779 Change 3.1.0 to 3.2.0 (in mac plist)
d1c0de8 Climb intervals discovery config
587f452 Fix compare allplot short distance
1787be6 JouleDevice: Changes for Joule GPS+
0502124 Activity list sort order hack
4694109 Fix PD model w/kg parameter save
9002d4a Fix absolute v per kg vo2max estimate
0176292 Override isRelevantForRide for metrics not relevant for runs and swims
fd3ca40 Override toString for AvgTemp and MaxTemp metrics To show "-" when internal value is RideFile::NoTemp
e9926f5 Add Vo2max to Chart Library
61f0295 Vo2max Estimate from PD Model
44e37ef Minor Fixes WPrime::summarize units and Spanish Translation
9ca99bb Withings Download Message
da17240 Updated Spanish Translation
7a20e26 Update Translation DE
2f7f5c7 Fixup WPrime.cpp translation snafu
760825f Updated Russian translation
5fa4d58 Refer to Bluetooth/BLE for pairing BLE devices rather than to ANT+
b358563 Get wbalzone user-visible messages to show up in translation files
83e0f42 Rename rides to activities for multi-sport athletes
7515f0a Fix a typo in a user-visible message
985cea4 Revert "Edit interval distance"
65cf970 Fixed default CV value when pace units change
3da0972 Recognise Simon Brewer
f37669b Fix SEGV in LTM PMC plot when no data
fc83c2b CP Chart - set search intervals when changing to Ward-Smith model Used the same defaults as CP3model (30'-60'), inline with PDModel.cpp, although they seem rather odd, IMHO.
82ddf4a Reduce MeanMax search space
a01cdff Added some charts for multisport usage Activities: CV Trends: CV and Speed histogram Library: PMC (TriScore), Time in Pace Zones, Run and Swim Pace
ec893f2 Check Season Range after edit/load
805772a Revert "Add support for reading multi sport FIT files."
ecfb6af Link for D2XX on Linux/BSD hosts
544afa8 Support Moxy Firmware v1.0
31cdb21 Add Ae/An TISS to peak power charts
47dac73 Interval Discovery config default no PEAKS
92c89d4 Metric to Imperial conversion applied twice in Trends->RideSummary Now it is done by RideMetric::toString.
7bc2c79 Update Translation DE - 2nd commit .. missed some parts
02a43bf Update Translation DE .. add missing translation .. fix some texts

Which file should I download?

GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC3_QT4_32bit_Win.exe - For Windows XP users/QT4
GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC3_QT5_32bit_Win.exe - For Windows Vista/7/8 - 32bit OS/QT5
GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC3_QT5_64bit_Win.exe - For Windows Vista/7/8 - 64bit OS/QT5
GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC3_QT4_32bit.dmg - For Mac OSX 10.6+ users 32bit OS/QT4
GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC3_QT5_64bit.dmg - For Mac OSX 10.7+ users 64bit OS/QT5