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Version 3.2 Release Candidate 4X Pre-release
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@liversedge liversedge released this
· 10347 commits to master since this release

Lots of fixes since 3.2 RC3, this should be the last candidate before we release.
Bug reports for RC4X are logged in #1481

In addition to fixing nits/bugs etc a couple of functional changes:

  • Withings scales body fat type measures are supported again
  • Chart sidebar allows managing charts which can also be drag/dropped to install
  • Added a moving average trend line to the LTM plot (good for weight)

Fixes listed below
471a9fa Version 3.2 Release Candidate 4
f2d05c9 Fix Edit Bests LTMSettings SEGV
1956ac9 RideFileCache : XPower in MeanMaxComputer
642c83e RideFileCache : Correct weighting factor for Xpower in MeanMaxComputer
45ca7e7 More new user nits
e982120 Fix "Chrome" default
44ef1d8 Cleanup of charts.xml
e3ba2dc More default charts
6660b0b Fix LTM add chart SEGV on date range
f2ee3cb Celebrate the TdF with a new color scheme.
2427f42 Don't include "Calendar Text" in Meta CRC
ad53f63 Fix refresh of 'Calendar Text'
d56ae72 Changed GOVSS to TriScore in LTM stress metrics
b43b8f9 Fixed tab order in New Athlete and Manual Workout Fixes #1476
2f6b4af Updated Spanish Translation
f70ab87 Added copyrigth notice for SwimScore
b41a984 Some love for Session RPE
34a6ffc Switch to chart on import
d3e1dca Fix ^S clearing metadata
af961cc Update Translation DE
4e7cbcd Fix Hide Non-curves on legend
5fc0a96 Select 'Library' chart automagically
3cec9c5 Updated Spanish Translation
7b15ae8 Fix Chart Add/Edit SEGV
aba1ac8 Fixed RideSummary refresh when filters change
25a58eb Tidy up LTM Chart configuration
fe73fcb Fixup Chart Preset Workflow and SEGV/Bug
2d093b5 LTMChartParser: no selection after drag/drop
e07a99c LTMChartParser: clearSelection
1af0073 Small fix for SEGV chart drop to end
a2a51ae LTMChartParser: Selection after drop
8c2775b LTMChartParser: Drap/Drop multiple selection
17b49df Update French translation
70b2163 Force Chrome on Yosemite
1839c5f Another Edit Chart SEGV
d1ef783 Fix reading dates in ISO format
121f2e9 Fix Edit Chart SEGV !
f61e746 Enable Export of LTM Chart Configuration
728d546 Trend Chart Sidebar Menu - Part 2 of 2
220b2f9 Trend Chart Sidebar Menu - Part 1 of 2
714c956 Upgrade/JSON Conversion - Switch off "Auto" Fix Tools
f60c874 View reset layout from
3ef711b Get rid of X-axis grid lines on CP plot
e8eeed1 Fixup Core Temperature Gamma Constant
974e137 Fixed Endurance Index scale in CVchart
e142ca4 Fixed D' display in CVChart
a79fd62 Update Translation DE
6029162 Added Q_OBJECT macro to ComputrainerController and FortiusController
d05b93a Updated spanish translation
873fbef Tidy up default charts
0a3fb01 Fix Top/Lowest curves not being removed
2fcf0dd Fixed default button in Edit Interval dialog
7704253 Fix "MiniCalendar" does not show colors on first open
c5d30e6 Updated Russian translation
4b940e6 Fix a typo in a user-visible message
11fb9bd Fix a typo in a user-visible message
b7640d7 Fixed PMC (TriScore) and Run Pace
ea55ba0 LTM Translation Preparation
c36af20 Updated Metrics translation in LTM
ca63736 Reinstate Withings Measures
72e2ddc LTM translation only if not English
2b03ce7 More agressive EWMA
b317e5a UI Nit - RideImportWizard
48cc7a2 Translation Enablement
246260e Fixup default charts
33b2c81 Added default filters for multisport
179c570 Add Moving Average Trend Line
dc7589a Add Pace metrics for runs and swims

Which file should I download?

GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC4X_QT4_32bit_Win.exe - For Windows XP users/QT4
GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC4X_QT5_32bit_Win.exe - For Windows Vista/7/8 - 32bit OS/QT5
GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC4X_QT5_64bit_Win.exe - For Windows Vista/7/8 - 64bit OS/QT5
GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC4X_QT4_32bit.dmg - For Mac OSX 10.6+ users 32bit OS/QT4
GoldenCheetah_3.2.0-RC4X_QT5_64bit.dmg - For Mac OSX 10.7+ users 64bit OS/QT5