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@liversedge liversedge released this Oct 14, 2019 · 26 commits to master since this release

First release candidate for version 3.5 due to release Fall 2019


New modelling and analytics

  • Banister Modelling for performance prediction
  • Power Index metric and performance test detection
  • HRV Modelling and Metrics
  • Body Measures and Metrics
  • CP Modelling with Performance Tests
  • Python Chart
  • Overview Chart
  • Webpage Chart

Synchronisation with lots of cloud services

  • Sync with Xert
  • Sync with Strava
  • Sync with CyclingAnalytics
  • Sync with Today's Plan
  • Sync Today's Plan Workouts
  • Sync with SixCycle
  • Sync with SportTracks

Fixup sync with existing services

  • Nokia/Withings Download Compatibility
  • ErgDB Compatibility
  • Migrate to Dropbox API v2
  • Export to FIT File Format

New ways to import data

  • Import downloads from Webpage
  • Import Body measurements from CSV files
  • Import HRV from Hrv4Training and EliteHRV
  • Import from Row Perfect 3
  • Import .zip and .gz files
  • import XData from CSV files

Map API fixups

  • Map Chart Improvements incl. Google user API key

New device support and enhancements

  • Daum Realtime Device Support
  • Support kettler racer
  • Monark 839E support
  • HRV RR collected in train view
  • SRM Calibration
  • Tacx iMagic support
  • Improved Hi-DPI support
  • USB/ANT reliability
  • FE-C reliability

Removed redundant or broken features

  • Deprecate TrainingPeaks trademarks
  • Deprecate Bing Map
  • Deprecate Twitter support
  • Deprecate 3D chart
  • Deprecate StreetView and Train/MapWindow

Asset SHAHs

Windows 32Bit SHA-256

Windows 64Bit SHA-256

macOS 64Bit SHA-256

Linux 64Bit AppImage SHA-256

d01fdf5 VERSION 3.5 RC1
a065d48 Make isSwim true when there are lap swim specific XData
0b0f998 Enable import of XDATA series from CSV files (#3179)
8b8ddcc Session RPE should not depend on HR Zones Copy&Paste error, fixes #3171
322a2c5 Updated Swedish Translation (#3174)
eff123e Enable libusb 1.0 for travis-ci builds
c284885 Add libusb 1.0 support (#2919)
bb6d255 Enable More menu in Overview
1f4d6d1 Fix OSX travis-ci build libusb-compat
be43cde Set min-height for Scrollbar
29db9eb Add Direct navigation to year/month on Diary Calendar Fixes #2756
6f50bc7 Garmin Fenix 5/6 new firmware
b47ddd1 Change np to isopower in LTMTool formula helper
411e858 lupdated and fixed zh-tw translation of 'match' (#3167)
1dfdf95 100% zh-tw translation (#3153)
7330e43 partial translation zh-tw update (#3148)
a9bbe5d Use double division to compute dpi factors Fixes #2628
3e99394 Fixed order of operations in CoreTemp calculation to match MatLab code Fixes #2885
a3d1c62 Fixed Estimate Power
f6559cd Updated Dutch Translation
223cd82 Spanish translation - minor updates and spell checking
600a9cf Add Import Chart menu to Main Window and Chart Bar (#3146)
1a5978a partial translation zh-tw update (#3147)
1d6d66f Translation : French update (1/3)
937b70e FitRideFile : Add Powertap/Powercal and Favero
39b01c2 Preserve UTF-8 encoding when reading namedsearches.xml config file (#3145)
e68afa6 Edit Italian Translation GC v3.5
ff0a75b partial translation zh-tw update (#3142)
895d0d1 Updated Spanish Translation
ea8f11a partial update of zh-tw translation (#3140)
85f471b Partial Update of Spanish Translation
4b8f9cc Enable translation of "Peak X" interval names from Find Intervals
84fbfc4 Update Translation DE
3987833 Allow Banister to use other performance metric besides Power Index (#3136)
2babb9f zh-cn translation updated to date. (#3135)
ee1d2b0 Run make silently (#3133)
e1ddeff Banister - fixed score accumulation for multiple activities per day
f83a367 CloudDB chart upload - allow digits and hyphen but not underscore in domains Issue reported at the forum
dd75538 CloudDB chart upload - allow subdomains in email address
b66a668 Fix Lap Swim from Length Data - Preserve HR data It was discarded when present
e8a41b1 Fix Speed from Distance - Raised moving average limit To account for bad data in Open Water files
7b659e6 Add CV alongside RMSE on CP Chart
236f782 Fixed Remote Calendar authorization
1e1dcee Add Lezyne Super GPS
3a57fdb french translation
35db3a6 fix translations
4944223 Change heading for direction in Power estimators
1dbe3c9 FitRideFile: Unify handling of invalid product id
f334097 FIT : Add Hammerhead as manufacturer
27e044f Fit : Power phases - limit to 360
330b5cb Translation : lupdate and french update (1/2)
385d523 LTM Table - Format Pace and Best times minutes in Sexagesimal format Same logic as LTM Plot in commit b7ced30
6e175df Raise slope limit to +-40. (#3092)
70f465f Fix estimator not running for runs, if there are no bike rides (#3110)
a8ca30c FIT : Add Respiration Rate
44026a1 Fit : Add some Garmin models
8820817 CSV : iBike remove debug line
08a704e No reason to skip a datapoint if DFPM is null
fbb6f68 iBike CSV: If Timestamp stream is present, take the first one as the activity start time.
eec1894 CSV : ibike, import recorded Air Density as Rho XDATA series
d2c2085 Fixes R GC.activity when the data frames list don't match the activities list
9c9d1e5 Cosmetic change in the name of found intervals
23049b4 Changed Time in Zone counts to fix percentages aggregation
794e097 Changed RideDB to save metrics with aggregateZero even when value is zero
9a0f291 Added AggregateZero to Time in Zone Percentage metric
91c9d2d Update AvgLTE, AvgRTE, AvgLPS, and AvgRPS in BasicRideMetrics.cpp
75146af Added Time Recording and use it for Time in Zone Percentages
3f4b7a6 CSV : ibike note can have "," fix #868
7cb7249 CVS : ibike convert temperature for english temperature in english (imperial) ibike file is in degF
09acc47 CSV : ibike change metric/imperial determination Use info on first line
439a7f6 Update LeftRightBalance.cpp
3316f41 Fix Lap Swim from Length
c45bd52 CSV : Convert total weight to metric (if needed)
20d6d80 CSV : ibike keep original weight, CdA and Crr for aerolab
523be2b FIT : Add Lezyne Micro-GPS Thank you Claus Assmann
d27b4a6 Strava : Correct commit for indoor lap. Keep last lap seconds
73e5d0b FitRideFile: Add Lezyne MegaXL
04d4403 Update LeftRightBalance.cpp
9796d90 RR from txt files - filter and record HR for each second Fixes #3095
8c995a5 HRV import from text file - fix discard of last line Fixes #3094
bff9cfe Issue 3057:VirtualCalc incomplete, produces NaN (#3064)
72ac997 Interval : Add a message box "Are you sure you want to delete selected interval?"
7409c71 Strava : Correct last commit for indoor trainer ride
fa9d32d WorkoutWizard : Change max slope to 20% Many new trainers can simulate slope >14% and KICKR CLIMB max incline is 13%
c5d57af Strava : It seems in some case (indoor file?) we don't have start_index for laps
0e08a7b ErgDB : download from
b743440 Chart Import Dialog ... allow column header to get translated
b304976 Fix Elevation - Add explanation to Network Error 4 Closes #3089 Closes #3068
27c15f9 Fix crash on distribution chart close #3085
00aea87 Rename Segment uses RenameIntervalDialog instead of EditIntervalDialog Fixes #3061
c00efb9 Set sync on startup and import to false when a cloud account is deleted Fixes #2936
93ec324 Travis-ci - change from trusty to xenial for Linux builds Trusty reaches end of life on april 2019
8facce9 Add Banister and Performance for Running Power
44d17a6 Added PowerInWatts extension to GPX Parser Fixes #3084
15e70f9 Change remaining TSS to BikeStress
ff0b329 Add CP Models for Running Power
fc9fb7b Import Workouts from WebPageWindow
4083be3 xdata: Fix min/max of spinbox in xdata editor (#2995)
b8c2bd3 Fix issue #3007 by specifying HFS+ for fs type (#3015)
d202910 Fix divide by zero in slerp, also center spline length arc points (#3072)
a1f3a98 Issue 3065: Uncombine the printing of lat and long telemetry. (#3066)
72bc73c Issue 3058: Buffer overrun by 1. (#3063)
41ac0dc Create
e1949c5 Activity Manual Entry - Metadata entry fields mimic RideMetadata behavior
f817692 Pad missing altitude in FIT file records with previous value
cefb1b3 Added Mac Preferences image for the wiki
f77cf6d Read Zones files using UTF-8 Codec Fixes #2978 for Windows builds
7e788aa Added Windows High DPI Settings Image for the Wiki
cce2660 FitRideFile - Rename record field 90 as PERFORMANCECONDITION It is not docummented but it seems to match the observed values in GC
81bf4a0 Additional Running Dynamics support
5b6c1f5 Travis-ci upgrade to xcode10.1 for osx builds Fix issues building libsamplerate
f8d530d Double-click on LTMPopup ride list selects Activity and Activities view Fixes #922
8e0c303 Teach fixgps to use cubic splines instead of linear interpolation (#3044)
c299a72 Issue 3048: Teach fix distance to use length on spline path (#3049)
681f87a Curve fill colored zones (AllPlot) 2/2
d2a8951 Downgrade to GPL-V2 License
95901aa Curve fill colored zones (QWT) 1/2
cae7e0b Fix vlc playback in travis-ci generated AppImage
9fb21af Enable OPENDATA for Travis-ci builds
e2ff21e Fix Travis-ci Linux builds
1c762c1 Add Whithings/Nokia, OpenData and SportTracks secrets for Travis-ci
c960024 Proper Fix for the VS2017 / Qt 5.12.x Problem ... provided by Eric
629a5d9 VC2017/Qt 5.12.1 - Fix 64Bit Build Problem
d93404f Fixup script on Mac use backwards copatible dmg format
030a1be Strava : Use 64bit for Strava ID
7d2d762 Disable 'calculator' acting on crs_loc.
1402f6a Ride GPX files in Train View
68b4254 Ignore MSVC2017 build artifacts
a4c78a7 Translation Fix
20ffbb3 Prevent GC from crashing if Bindings method return NULL PythonDataSeries (#3014)
8836252 CP plot show ride as power index
ba8946d LocationInterpolation - Fix compilation errors and warning on Linux/Mac
82aff2f Add missing 'public'
6301996 Change LTMPlot to use GappedCurve for Measures Better handling when HRV data is not present
9138a28 Add Device Wizard bigger window
04b6bab Minor typo fixes in comment.
c0cf875 Minor typo fix.
80e99d1 Fit : Be sure only on cad point used
3b33e65 translations : lupdate and update french translation
867e86e Set the type of activity to Ride, Run or Swim, instead of always Ride.
4886a8d Force BikeScore to zero for runs and swims
e8fe590 Upgrade to VLC 2.2.8 for Travis-ci Linux builds
0468405 Upgrade Qt to 5.9.7 for Travis-ci Linux builds
021bbeb Add "Categories=Science;Sports;" here, too
fa4ce91 Add XDG categories
b5c9651 Fixed Linux CI upload linuxdeployqt changed the output name
dff632f Fix Windows CI ... in the WinCI Configuration the Constants are not referenced through other includes
1042f0f Update Translation DE
89068ed Banister datafilter
5a66c13 Banister fixups
fb83864 Banister Windows Contiguous
1148e3a Banister fitting windows
05a8c49 FitRide : Correct doubled interval duration
1841faa Add media folder
68c5ded Enable decay adjustment in Banister Helper
9b9b6f1 Banister Model Helper on LTM
25f13f4 Re-Introduce connection to Withings ... remove Nokia from Screens ... access Withings APIs
5022dba Allow precise adjustment of the time slider with a keyboard. (#2990)
9871d1e Banister Data Managed in Athlete
a205e7b LTM plot banister with gapped curves
5cc2e05 Fix Banister Windows Build
0fe7145 Banister Modeling Resources
2aa4779 Banister Modelling
c958107 Fit : Interval use total_elapsed_time if no time info fix #2982
971cd4d Banister Performances Update
cdfff8f LTMPlot/Tool add banister settings
ae3320d Show performances on LTM plot
a89607e Weekly Best Performances for Banister IR
efb1a64 CP MMP Filter improvement
46abc66 Banister modeling - PowerIndex performance metric
807ea68 Added method decodePhysiologicalMetrics to decode garmin/firstbeat specific activity metrics Added additional metrics to the metadata.xml
9bb0aeb Add test files for Firstbeat/Garmin session metrics Pull request #2986
49bc27b RideMap : Use user custom tiles
1ad5208 Updated French Translation Contributed by Arnaud Leclere
ef22b59 Column Chooser Popup - Text Length ... determine widget size for button based on text length (since fixed sizes may not fit for translated texts).
679a9bd Allow to select .gz files on Import Similar to .zip files Fixes #2969
61dc7f5 Move Google Map API key to chart settings
8299011 Fix compile error rDir not found
7cf6783 Support for x-Trainer ( added.
e91b4e9 : read laps fix #2981
ad46bf9 FIT : Add debug logs
39e3707 RideMapWindow : Add running markers
d1f255f RideMapWindow : Let user with Google API key use the Google Map
ca9b5b2 RideMapWindow: 4/4 Display interval markers and draw AvgPwr color paths on OSM
4eca780 RideMapWindow : Remove the google option Still to do restore the drawShadedRoute (color from powerzone)
3633a1e LTM Reveal Window - avoid "cut off" text for translated period strings
101b825 Fixes R issue when Home is set on Linux name was left uninitialized when Home is specified by the user Reported at the forum.
feed0c7 Save Zones files using UTF-8 for cross platform compatibility Fixes #2978
f681597 Update Russian translation
f7d2431 Remove references to QwtPlot3d and kQOauth They are not used anymore
7073fb0 CP Plot Tests honor sport settings In Activities view we filter bests (and now tests) to match the selected activity sport.
a64c6f0 CP Plot Tests honor filter settings
d817541 PythonConsole: Print expr value when executing simple statements
0b4d466 Model CP and W' decay in Morton Model
1a50345 Fixes Measures FingerPrint to detect changes in decimals Weight updates via UI involving only decimals were undetected and not saved
ea5c07d CP Explainer Deck Updates
0c668c0 Fixed error message in Train Library when workouts cannot be copied
aae6243 Changed Notes to Calendar Text in LTMPopup It shows more context information than notes and allows user customization.
d51080e LTM Charts - Changed default precision from 0 to 1 for table view To match the default used in LTMPlot, useful to export measures s.t. Weight.
3f8446b Travis-ci - Added qt59networkauth-no-lgpl to Linux before_install Trying to solve CloudDb issue
5ed9890 RideMap : 3/4 draw interval on OSM
f6ebdea Fix AeroPod : AeroPod record CdA in the HR series
ee5e93b FitRideFile: Add ibike in manu
a7844fb CsvRideFile : ibike correct ride time for pause add XData for calculated power
5f3486e CP Plot PD Profile W/KG
f60e28e CP Plot Power Profile Lines (watts only)
83d4490 Travis-ci - Install and enable Python 3.6 and SIP on Linux builds
6749574 Travis-ci enable Linux build to generate AppImage
44ea4d4 Better error handling in Fix Elevation
a854b9d Fixed Typo in Spanish translation Fix #2953
edb0444 Add support for Daum realtime devices (#2952)
b5ed04b CP Plot show w/kg percentiles
c580259 Remove kQOAuth from travis-ci It was deprecated on #2881
acad616 Fixed Precision of Rest HF/LF metrics Tipically imported values show as zero on Summary
aead637 Enable libusb and libusb-compat (#2950)
af8e59e Use https for download
9e8aa07 Translation - Update Translation DE - Enable one more text for translation
50f77a3 Parameter percentile off by one
9fb7309 CP Plot Percentiles for CP, W' and Pmax Estimates
5c5b4e1 Fix CPV units in ScatterPlot Crank length is converted to meters so CPV is computed in m/s, but displayed in cm/s Fixes #2942
4c870c7 AppImage - added and excluded Fixes #2915 and #2920
2787870 CPPlot force refresh when filters change, even if Date Range is the same Previous behavior was annoying: filters s.t. sport were not applied until date range changed.
2707e3b Only include CalDAV.h if have ical library
3f95d11 Only try and build CalDAVCloud if ical is present
aebc5dc Crr and CdA Regression Explainer
6f59d09 HiDPI: Aerolab lineedits for Cda,Crr etc
e264405 Fix Aerolab crash on no ride selected
475288d aerolab tests rename directory
5ce7b3b Aerolab Test Files
f7f2ca1 RideMapWindow : Use leaflet instead of googlemap api for OSM 2/4
2068221 Remove google.api for openstreetmap mode 1/4
672a16d R2 label use superscript (its squared not 2)
61cf324 Fix units on CP plot work/time
1a8f4bd Overview metric for HRV needs to be displayed
1b2ef12 ANT: HRV measurement improvements (#2935)
322b774 HRV R-R data in Train View 3 of 3
332184f HRV R-R data in Train View 2 of 3
3a31f5d HRV R-R data in Train View 1 of 3
e87d3b9 Fix Overview Window steal focus MacOS
143c10d CP Plot Helper Title for Work/Time
74fe950 CP Plot Helper show model name
dd4ff86 Fix last commit
6e91261 CP plot filter best in Work/Time plot
1191b8b fix missing break in switch/case statement (#2918)
9588c9c Change GPX decimal separator to dot
2a60830 LR Model Fit calculate R2
9e5242a CP Plot fix y-axis for higher values of PMax
bb4a860 Add Last 24 hours to date ranges
1721064 CP Chart Plots the Linear Work Time Model
8b2473d Fixes Last 6 weeks season duration It is current day plus 41 previous ones, like existing -x days seasons
6979d66 missing ifdef GC_HAVE_ICAL
95fd240 Update to commit 39269cb on CP2 search intervals
8a64b65 Linear Regress for Work/Time Model Fit
4f19f75 Tidy Up CP Plot Overlay
39269cb Extended CP Model Search Intervals
9208bfa CP window fit options
5046fe6 Hi-DPI Interval Sidebar
c66a9d1 CP Plot refresh on intervals changed
3384114 CP 2/3p model interval defaults
34c402a Add LevMar lib to version dialog
d9b12d6 Alternative Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
7ff5a97 Disable WS/Velo models
22ce1dc 3 Param CP model env fit settings
e07c849 Text Labels on CP plot for Performance Tests
73366fd Add tests() data filter function
9cedf54 Performance Test Intervals Bold Text
5455714 CP Plot Performance Test Aesthetics
3aab662 Interval sidebar helper for performance tests
778fa11 CP Model Explainer Deck
a1635f0 Support Performance Tests for watts and watts/kg
d4cb586 CP Chart Modelling Improvements
c79565c Better CP Plot Fit Summary
54b1612 CP plot show info about fit
beb5b37 Replace NP for IsoPower in DataFilter validation and syntax helpers Issue reported at the forum
1a7839d RideFile::watts is sufficient
4437e94 CP fit to performances
061df5f Plot performance tests on CP chart
649d3ee Fix Interval Color bug
a45fe54 Mark Performance Tests
0953c0d Removed local instance of SpecialFields from RideMetadata
bbe8056 Add Hrv4Training sample file with 12h time format Also fix PM times
4667bce Parse Hrv4Training files using 12hr format Fixes #2891
600c416 Changed Hrv measures to return zero when no record for date Fixes #2896
5b4e754 Refresh PMC data when Seasons change To consider possible changes on Starting LTS
55ec397 FIT : Change the time_offset reference
e0a4330 Show model parameters on CPPlot for aPower and aPowerKg
28e5ef6 Notify when data processors are running on import
a86b0e9 Update build id for development release
555ec81 Fix Version Dialog
e75cc60 Remove QTSOAP and KQOAUTH from gcconfig.pri
cdd99da Deprecate KQOauth
9e21ece Fix OAuthDialog 'code' parse url
aad4509 Fix Windows CI Builds
c8523a2 various minor bugfixes + warningfixes (#2878)
4bda579 Workout Editor more complete effort search
2b64b66 Workout Editor Warning use 3-param CP model
3e417f8 Minor LMFIT fixups
f5055aa Add LMFIT source to repo
73ef4ff Add telemetry for time to next erg point (#2867)
ba9bab3 Add Least-Squares fit to CP Chart - 1 of 2
b4a6690 Turing SIG Talk
973e38b Train view negative watts not allowed
191ca89 User Survey
b274aee Add Peak Hr and Hr Zone Metrics Fixes #2863
5c9a233 Changed Python XData access points for consistency
efabcf8 Add XData series to Python GC.activity(activity=None, join="repeat")
3902405 R activityXData - no need to recompute derived series
434c15a Add R GC.activity.xdata(name="", compare=FALSE)
e1da05d Python activityXdataSeries result name changed to name_series
119b889 Add activityXdataNames(name="", activity=None)
ead2650 Add Python activityXdataSeries(name, series, activity)
c9d3088 RChart - Run script when intervals/selections change On Activities view, last part of #2848
17dbb48 Add R activity.intervals Fixes #2848
cba2d11 Fix Python activityIntervals start and stop Changed from Int to Float since they may be not integer
bdf88ca Python seasonIntervals time offset by start seconds Fixes #2860
1e53e85 Correct the link to the user list
cf64c25 Ensure the ordering of windows after the OAuth modal dialog closes
5a065ca Add Lap Distance and Lap Distance Remaining dials and telemetry
5ea8903 Add Python activityIntervals Python half of #2848
ab3ce3b Remove datafilter debug
cf9de73 Compatibility Metrics and Metric Overrides
1f094f5 Always expand lap swim Fit and Tcx files
eb363c3 Fix Swim FIT parse crash
db6eec5 TriScore - On zero fallback to TRIMP Zonal Points for HR base score
55e9c5e Fix copy paste error in previous commit
8b10ebc CloudDB Download - Warn the user dowloading a Python chart if Python inactive Same logic as the one existing for R charts
72a78e3 Remove references to PYTHON3_VERSION from
9751876 Check the python3 version used to build matches the one found at runtime
1cc8f15 Add script to generate Linux AppImage To be run after starndard Linux build
8a9b775 Add support for ISO8601 extended date time format with milliseconds Fixes #2750
5e43ec9 Sync Events with Calendar if remote is configured
c667f96 Show Season/Event label in stacked LTM Charts for each 4 charts Fixes #1943
11a3c9a Refresh LTM charts when seasons change So season boundaries and event markers are updated accordingly
52b63b6 Add Description to Season Event Fixes #2617
d0e0a1b Add priority to Season Events Fixes #1724
0f7990a Enable Event drag&drop in LTMSidebar to allow reordering Fixes #565
982d357 Some Consistency checks for editing Seasons-Phases-Events Names
ea8df0e Calendar Cloud Services Configuration
8f4f979 R default location on Fedora
d934915 Deprecate R scripts in DataFilter/UserMetric
698ea4e Added ScriptContext for Python APIs called from DataFilter scripts
db2ebb6 Disable OpenData if Secret not defined
efc61b1 Remove config tab from about dialog
9e48382 SportTracks : Estimate speed from distance
dccc7c1 SportTracks : repeated data are omited
1d4fd41 Translation : French translation improvement provided by 00livier
8f2c0d1 Import OpenData zip ignore JSON summary
b0c6a5b OpenData CSV support
a6a1612 Fix Compatibility metrics
7482b35 Diary Show Week & Refresh
050a26d OpenData Dialog reference project
4af5839 Remove dangling reference to setSummary from LTMSidebar Related to commit 094307f
9436806 Deprecate Summary in Diary View
094307f Remove Summary from Trends Sidebar
b84ddb5 RideNavigator::setRide() check for NULL
f8af633 Estimator lazy refresh
6e6db66 Refactor PD Estimates fix numerous SEGV
3aefdf1 Fix OpenData post success diag message
12c81c2 OpenData Fix Error Handling SEGV
48c9e06 CI Travis fails on libusb
54ca96f OpenData uses sample data
b17c62c Fixed Anomaly detection and FixGaps to deal with 1 sec.
900d59c Fixed interpolation of streams downloaded from Strava
bebbd22 New Event date defaults to season end date
2f38661 Fixed crashes on edit/delete events when a phase is selected
12b91b2 Fix last commit on Windows
0860fe7 OpenData prompt for permission and post
07b18e6 Fixed LTM Chart to show Events on Phases and Season
afff2c9 OpenData new class to post to service
ecd5b15 FilterHRV: Calculate rest HR from AVNN #2797
701b6b7 Cloud Upload/Sync - check for unsaved activities ... check for unsaved activities and allow saving before starting sync/upload
0a3846b Cloud Sync Dialog ... auto-adjust columns width to header and content size (to show all contents)
4081971 Fix last commit on windows builds
ef0c97c Add athlete info to opendata file
de9c467 Fix CI-Build for Windows ... update to Qt 5.9.4 since 5.9.3 is not longer supported by AppVeyor
7e23285 Update Translation DE - Part 3
a2ace2e Body & HRV Measures - MacOS
96a3269 Fix comment
fd16a3e Fix 3.x upgrade process for compatibility metrics
357ad39 Fix last commit for Windows build
254fcc9 OpenData project file writing
5fd4370 TCX Export ... adjust so that Strava, Garmin Connect are able to import the file
bcdf49a Set default tile server URL for new OSM maps
2af9db0 Deprecate Bing Map
a57766f Withings/Nokia use OAth2 for authorisation
85cad4d Withings/Nokia : Reset GC_NOKIA_REFRESH_TOKEN
0e90634 Remove 8-bit characters and simplify TSB series description
f018dbd Fix 8-bit characters in PMC series descriptions
6bed8fc Fix compat metric TSS zero value in DataFilter
e075008 Added Tooltips with metrics descriptions to RideSummary CSS probably would need some enhancements
0c18f2a Add PMC series and PDModel estimates descriptions
92820c7 Hide compatibility metrics in ColumnChooser
b0a3a8b Overview Title
d0f2a92 Overview honours themes
39e84a0 Fix EzUsb.c to allow Tacx firmware load on Windows
5641f97 Extended Tacx Imagic support
3c64821 Basic support for Tacx Imagic
8c8402b Settings: Allow using different global conf file name
f8e1a6c LTMSidebar: Expand season containing last phase being loaded
c4fb634 LTMSidebar: Save most recently selected phases too
7bc8268 Fix ErgDB download
70cf92a Disable microcaching for vector formulas
5aac5fd Withings/Nokia Get Measure using OAuth2.0
34726ce Withings/Nokia : Correct error on measures fetching
f789238 Fix Font Metrics on Compare Pane
390a088 Hide Compatibility Metrics in Chart Config
90f30c0 Delete User Metric fixup offset
3952004 RideImportWizard namespace
71c3dbd Fix UserMetric EDIT offset
57f6ded Hide Compatibility Metrics in Config
dfdd0e0 Fix Compatibility Metric
615dec8 Rename Archive.h to ArchiveFile.h
a7e17e3 Create TrainingPeaks Compatibility Metrics
f180242 Withings and Others ... Fix ability to authorize the Cloud Service
49d78e6 Remove TrainingPeaks Trademarks
d4504f4 Deprecate TrainingPeaks - Import Data
4a3e27c V3.5 DEV 1802
1dc00b8 Setenv PYTHONHOME not Py_SetPythonHome
f19cb68 Add MacOS util/
ef68066 Don't bug user if R/Python not compatible
4399f1e Update Translation DE - Part 2 - update texts
5a5685d Remove Twitter from Secrets.h
c12d149 Clarify import wizard headers.
1c18df1 Allow slope up to 40% instead of only 20% and remove rounding effect from smoothing
a9ba3d8 Removed references to qwtplot3d in gcconfig and travis For clarity sake and to speedup ci
2e21157 Add Cloud Wizard Font Size
4575881 CI Travis Video None
88098f2 CI Travis QuickTime no longer supported
09f71f7 Deprecate 3D chart
15acadb Fixed unmatched quote in .travis.yml Also forced directory removal
b7356b4 Fix GCC problem in Travis for R
729d8aa Fix CI-Build for Mac OS
0e77cb7 Update Windows CI Build to Qt 5.9.3
47f439d Fixup Python search for Mac
752fdeb Update Translation DE
baf71b7 Minor hidpi nits
d4154ca update for Python on MacOS
b50c034 Python Startup 2 of 2
6d78bd1 Python Startup 1 of 2 Windows Fixups
f215e2b Bugfix in DanielsPoints: Segmentation fault if paceZoneRange < 0 Copy paste error, detected by Walibu
710cddf Python Startup 1 of 2
be5df09 Daniels Points based on GAP updates
0d94e02 Added DanielPoints for running, with GAP grade adjusted speed When there is no power data
954570f Python Embedding is optional and check install
8e5e95b R setup graphics device before install routines
56335c1 R check version before loading
d34147d GC_CHROME should default to "Flat"
5ac6813 Metric config pic for WIKI
4ce070f R Don't create GreaphicsDevice till all initialised
29f7344 Fix Compile error in DataFilter without Python/R
b99e8f5 Fixes MeanSquareRoot aggregation in RideCache In LTMPlot it is Ok Fixes #2762
d734f1c Fix Kent University Study Double Upload
a82c3b9 DataFilter embed R Scripts
8e3a170 DataFilter Embed Python Scripts
3714525 Adding file type selection when saving workout (#2767)
62c79ce Use Qt Json Parser for Withings API (Fixes Issue #2764)
8a3db53 Rename some Python entry points to match the wiki
0c4ffcf Add Python seasonPeaks(series, duration, all=False, filter="", compare=False) Similar to R season.peaks but for one series/duration at a time
b293d53 Add Python seasonIntervals(type="", compare=False) Get metrics for intervals in a season, similar to R GC.season.intervals
3011940 Cosmetic fix for search box on OSX
d9d5ed7 CI Travis no longer build using QT 5.5.1
46e7cd0 fix url
15361f6 attempt to fix travis build (changed qt 5.5.1 mirror download location)
9d00f78 Add Python zones(date, sport)
9e193c7 Changed Python athlete to return a dict
90a1830 Add Python xdataseries(name, series, join="repeat", activity=None)
6df60d8 Add Python wbal similar to series Optional parameter is activity datetime, current activity if not provided.
6b1f3f4 CriticalPowerWindow - refresh after Linear scale option change
b65dfc9 Athlete ID on About box
08107f3 sv translation
d583096 LTMTool: Set symbol for measure metrics
7db9946 Use logarithmic scale for speed chart, like CS
a7f91fd Fix Xert tagline
068dcf0 Fix Huge Fonts on R chart
80029cb Cloud : Xert download First version : only classic series
6314033 Xert tagline copy/paste fixup
b1e0a56 rideFileCacheMeanmax just fix first date.
2d845d0 Download : Select Joule Device for Joule Port I will make some test before adding other devices
e4ca3f8 Cloud correct OAuthManager
2ccf423 Add OAuthManager for OAuth and UserPass Scheme First only for Xert
ff56385 Cloud - XErt - Fix ... compile error (cut&paste typo)
5b12503 Cloud : Add Xert as a new service First : Upload only
bb06f89 Fix error exporting activity without data points to .FIT
3dd2080 Remove unnecessary linking against libvlccore
cc2f56c Python season(all=False, compare=False) Similar to R season(), retuns a dict with name, from, to and color lists.
73ab008 Merge Activity Wizard - Size Cosmetics
3304e6c Fix Linux SEGV for symbol conflict
9599060 Python rideFileCacheMeanmax() remove dangling code To precompute the number of series was necessary for R but not for Python
6495fe8 Python rideFileCacheMeanmax() fixups
a30fcbd GC.SERIES_* constants
aaf35a6 Fix SmO2 / tHB Tool changes
0a8d803 Add --no-python command line option
5d94ce2 Python activity, series and seriesPresent optional datetime parameter
6b7d1b7 Python activities(filter="")
a147165 Ride File Naming with "." allowed
f47607d Python measures(all=False, group="Body") Similar to R measures returning a dict with a list for each measure field in the requested group (Body or Hrv).
bbfc4e4 Python pmc(all=False, metric="TSS") Similar to R pmc, returns a dict with a list for: date, stress, lts, sts, sb, rr
33b8623 Enable compare mode for Python activityMeanmax and seasonMeanmax Usage is similar to the R versions
1aa1ab4 Python activityMeanmax and seasonMeanmax Both return a dict with a list for each supported series from cache Next step is to support compare mode
be73ab9 Enable keyword arguments in Python wrappers generated by SIP
ae6d001 Python metrics(metric, all, filter)
147d3b8 Python Trends / Activity Chart
eae7f1d Add Python seasonMetrics(all, filter, compare) Similar to R API season.metrics
9a48237 Make PythonDataSeries independent of RideFile To reuse it for other double series s.t. metrics or mean maximal data
d7579be Add Color to Python activityMetrics Using name "color" and renamed "date"/"time" for compatibility with R API
a3e23fd Enabled compare for Python activiyMetrics activityMetrics(True)
5fb1c00 Python Screenshot for Wiki
da6db1e Add Date and Time to Python activityMetrics PyDateTime_IMPORT needs to be called in the same module where datetime macros are used to avoid a crash.
2352b4f Python Don't Steal Focus
a15bcfc Python activityMetrics Returns a Python dict with metrics and metadata fields. It doesn't implement compare mode yet.
dd112d6 Python Webpage load via slots
7eb926b Python Web Display
a7981ff Python fixup ConvertTo_QString
8e336ca BodyMeasures - Download Properties ... store/re-store last selected download properties (for next use)
3597287 OSM - Tile Server Handling Changed
80e786c Python Use UTF8 and untranslated Series Names
b3680c0 Enabled sequence behavior on PythonDataSeries
e01b110 Move cursor in PythonChart to correct start point
385b56e Python GC.activity()
76eaeca Fixup Py_ssize_t on Windows VS build
2a5fcfe Python DataSeries functions
3a534e1 Python and GC.version()
99d90de Train View - StreeView deprecated
a0cbf55 Fix for left and delete keypress events
db3d119 Python GC.athlete()
6d9731e Fixup SIP Makefile
85f7ad1 Fixes parsing Zwift Workouts
2955842 remove debug
acafb66 Python Console prompt is >>> not >
1243082 Fixup PythonChart
00144ef Python Module Framework
18c43fc FIT : Use recIntSecs
ac04d20 FIT : Export : Correct file duration
f573b5c FIT : Small addition and correction for expor hardware_version and lap start_time had incorrect field_num
14e27e9 Python Editor Syntax Highlighter
843180f Qt 5.8 is suficient for Python
ab82ea0 ESC or ^C to stop long running Python script
27696e5 fix for 4.8 + tidy
0662a41 Python Script Exec
f0b2d37 Changed RideFile::fillInIntervals to match the fix of interval duration
e3f48be Added new Garmin Devices from Fit SDK Release 20.50.00
bb3c33b RideFile : Interval duration is 1 secs shorter
b0d676c FIT : Add Rouvy and The Sufferfest Trainer Apps for Winter...
82c06b4 Python Chart Console
1874dda Python Chart
0a2ac3a Start Python Embedding
7f6e3ef Fixed LTMPlot RunningTotal for multiple activities per day Fixes #2707
e51ba52 Fix Copy/Paste error ANTChannel ... use "rightPedalSmoothness"
a5ee8e3 Appveyor use QT 5.9.2
819031b Update to QT 5.9.2
f9ffdb4 Add comment to HrvMeasure and import Hrv4Training note
77e99c1 Move BodyMeasure and HrvMeasure common code to base class Measure
83340aa Access to Measures from REST API Part 4 of #2588
b984c34 Refactor Measures Part 5
96f34aa Fix off by one ride duration on import
83bbe93 Don't allow the creation of nested phases. Fixes #2692
8b79278 Don't crash when adding event/phase if phase is selected. Fixes #2691
83d87d5 added 1st section to README
646c3ca Access to Daily Measures from R measures(all=FALSE, group="Body")
c7d4f33 Autocompleter for measure builtin with all the options To avoid the user the need to RTFM
e26a672 Access to Measure by days in Formulas Eg. measure(Date-1, "Hrv", "RMSSD")
316983e LTMPlot - Access to Measures by days
5e6a6e8 TodaysPlan WO Download remove whitespaces from the generated filename
8f6cb27 Add debug output for estimate data aggregation in LTMPlot
8e4b36e Use QwtPlotGappedCurve for estimate curves in LTMPlot
9182869 Handle gaps in estimate data in LTMPlot #2534
a771b96 libical 2 compatibility
f2afbdc updated INSTALL-LINUX
0ff2a30 Fixed HRV CSV import from Android Hrv4Training
038860a FitRideFile compiler error
58a49b6 Fixes ZWIFT files which are not reporting local timestamp.
c68765f Add XCode project creation directions
167165c Added references to Developers Guide and Guidelines for Translators
a634ea0 Fixes imperial conversion error on Trends Histogram
c706892 Avoid the creation of empty overrides on RideMetadata
f38d4b1 Fixed malformed JSON file due to empty metric overrides
dc0b0c6 Added guidelines for contributing
5cb3f07 FIT : Add temperature and lrbalance in export
36b16a5 FIT : Add the local_msg_type in write_message_definition to prepare adding temp and lrbalance
98f54da FIT : Add Quarq as Manu/Prod Add Powertap P1 Add Powertap C1
871a188 Kent University Software Instructions
955b426 Remove superfluous series_type parameter
5733d82 HRV Measures - Direct import from HRV4Training
71bc82b Kent Study Docs
7d9aab2 HRV Measures - Direct import from EliteHRV CSV files Test file contributed by Martin Wifling
f2099f9 VERSION 3.5 DEV-1710
21125ff Kent University Part 3 of 3
81b7259 Fix Strava lap swims and expand Smart Recording Lap swims
beb1b2d Remove trailing whitespace from "Lap StartTime" in tcx files
011d097 Fix QTextEdit in KentUniversity.h
dd0b677 Fix QMessageBox header on MSVC
8943c28 Fix QTextEdit unknown Type in KentUniversity.h
45ddb5a MacOS build fixes
737e779 Wait same time for ANT stick to be released in MacOS handler
0178aa1 Cppify the Garmin Service Helper for Windows
1f28da4 Fix event loop misbehaving and calling connect over and over
aa86f54 Trigger on release so we avoid calling it twice
a2292fd Fail fast when we couldn't open an ANT stick
fb14081 GarminServiceHelper implementation for MacOS
0fd5e3a Synchronize setup() correctly
24b739a Wait long enough to make subsequent ANT+ connection possible
8b63dcf Integrate Garmin Service warning
dab0698 Implement Garmin service detection/stopping for Windows
caaf674 Complying with DMCA takedown for WASP Packet Protocol
dc21935 AddCloudWizard Consent Page + GoogleDrive refresh bug
243361e AddCloudWizard Folder read-only
bd06ec2 KentUniversity Fix CSV file format
36e6487 Kent University Part 2b of 3
07d4aee Fix MSVC build error KentUniversity
fc04c1c remove qdebug
9130a71 Fix GoogleDrive FOLDER_ID setting
f54b4eb Kent University Part 2 of 3
5374af8 Migrate to Dropbox API v2
cf41bd1 remove qdebug
0910bb7 University of Kent Support 1 of 3
6f39a59 Compile error on major(dev_t)
4fa3e5b Migrate to Dropbox API v2 - Part 2 of 2 ... updates the upload, download, file list endpoints
528e062 Preserve XData on Combine Activities
ebdc42c Fix integer division on pNNx HRV Metrics Value was always zero
71176bd Preserve XData on Combine Activities (Join) Part 2 of #2406
12d44e9 Preserve XData on Activity Split Part 1 of #2406
bc783ed Preserve XData on Activity Split Part 1 of #2406
c5cf5e1 Add support for R-R txt files import (HRV) Fixes #2613 Test files contributed by forum users Mike and Ron
f54303a Fix Withings API related defines
f70ab21 QT >= 5.8 stop ride summary stealing focus
2c62390 FixPower ... allow fix power value to be added/subtracted in addition to percentage values
12fe082 More flexible HRV CSV file parsing
e97dbf2 BikeScore is relevant only for rides Fixes #2329
b668cb4 Honour Sport tag even when run specific data are present Fixes 2367
eb67f17 zh-cn translation update
cb52390 Increased precision for HRV Recovery Points
ccb30c7 Added unmatched suffix to Unknown file type error on import Fixed #2596
e06ce3e Fit : Device info - display manufacturer when no product number
fe737f6 Strava : Correct lap start end index fix #2505
14459cb Joule : Correct log
8c79fc4 Fix for trainview crash
2b47ca5 HRV screen captures for the Wiki
b45c312 V3.5 1708 Development Release
c1de1de HRV Measures - Part 3 Added HRV Measure fingerprint
5097bae HRV Measures - Part 2 Adds an option to FilterHRV dataprocessor
f939a88 Allow negative numbers in double metadata fields Fixes #2578
8a29e8a HRV Measures example file and format doc
623f0b9 Edit HRV Measures Implements #2568 Part 6
2888b27 Adds HRV Measures - Part 1 Implements #2568 part 1, 2, 3, and 4
a8b4bda Edit Italian Translation
096911d Changed completion in formulas
728e503 Changed LTMPlot to use name to retrieve metadata fields Instead of symbol
def02b4 Reformat BT40Device.cpp Code
7e81be0 Fix compiler warning for csc_service uninitialised
51eb386 Fix MSVC Compile Error
6da51b4 Recognise Andre Heider
4ecab4f Fix FitRideFile unused lap_trigger compiler warning
a0f89c4 Fit : lap name for trigger
f7c87eb FIT: respect the time zone the ride was recorded in
4467eb5 FIT: enable decodeDeviceInfo()
c3ee9ed FIT: remove duplicates from the device infos
dc8c9d7 FIT: fix out of bounds access in decodeDeviceInfo()
e3d1df3 FIT: add BATTERY_SOC to XDATA
fdc8af2 FIT: let getScaleForExtraNative() return a float directly
5d2729e FIT: add Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT to product list
3a87010 FIT: set file format info
cc84c98 TCX: create precise and more detailed intervals
8e22ea9 TCX: use the Creator/Name attribute as device type
c3576ea GCC 6.0 compiled fixup
94d6a21 Fix merge error
ddb9892 Extend lap alert to cover CRS files
90e4a16 Fix GoogleDrive Upload Crash
0faf4aa Unset QT_SCALE_FACTOR on Linux
f9a73a4 Changed FixDerivePower to include CdA and DraftM parameters
58a2e88 GearRatio: derive value from sensors when DI2 not connected
a8261ff Fix Build Errors in CI
fa5dbf9 Enhance Error handling in "Fix Elevation Data"
4bde63b Added Open Water Garming 920xt test file Contributed by JulianM forum user
2fc9399 Migrate to Dropbox API v2 - Part 1 of 2
2d4e2cf Escape special characters in Season/Phase/Event names Fixes #2530
9f0c703 Fix incorrect prompt for Wind Heading
b60baee Calculate Gear Ratio serios from XData ... if "GEARS" are available as a XData series
efb2a3c Enable powerzones for "run" in R.
1a1570d Fixup AddCloudWizard raise() on ConfigDialog
a404c85 Fix Webpage Download Intercept Duplicates
100e26e DI2 ANT+ messages used to populate dedicated XData serie
228bf1a WorkoutWidget: disable editing while recording
baa53fb fix gear ratio when no power meter
608e18a kettler racer
29dde46 CloudService - Fix Translation related problem
2df01a0 CloudService - Fix Translation related problem
502688e CloudService - Fix Translation related problem
81ceb65 Hi-DPI Support some nits
c28966a Fix Compare Rides across Athletes Bug
72106e7 Row Perfect 3 quoted data in CSV file
7266dee CyclingAnalytics send as FIT format
0aaf9f3 Share Menu Again
1bf6fd9 FIT : Add Combined Pedal Smoothness in 'EXTRA' XDATA
dae428e Strava : Download laps
186a338 Today's Plan : Finalise RPE, TQR and LQS sync
2f5b3e7 Today's Plan : send RPE
13cd6b5 Updated Swedish Translation Contributed by
0246d7c Share Menu
5d74527 Improve Texts CloudDB
e1dcd0d Share menu manually check for new data
e3a4883 Fix OSM tile server bug
940ef58 CP Plot Filter using Linear Regression
ce9f83c Fixed first row alignment in Body Measures config page
fbd2b09 Changed TSS per hour count to seconds Fixed #2508
c3c5a95 CP Chart Filter Unique MMP
010c731 Set activityNamePart body
f3f2462 Fix R Embed Version 3.4 Crash
2c23120 Strava use metadata config on readFile
5cba391 Strava upload: don't use filename as fallback for activity name
1e06188 TCX export: write creator if present
012412b TCX export: write notes if present
f8ed257 TCX export: only write HR data when it is present in the ride
884f994 Hi-DPI Webpage Window
e0d95cc RideFile::openRideFile() supports .zip and .gz
6c08e22 Add OpenGL for OverviewWindow
9d71245 Disabled Linux OpenGL acceleration if OpenGL lower than 2.0 It doesn't work on older hardware
0a29828 Overview use OpenGL on Linux
ed21fb7 Embedded R Tweaks
f65b9d8 Code Formatting and remove Debug
9732ad0 Fix the Zwift activity extension since it is not added by Zwift during automatic upload.
7022c66 Fixed mixed variable on RideSummary causing a crash Fixes #2491
dbf3bab Support for SRM manual zero offset calibration
72ffe0d Only listen on localhost
530f35c Changed Date to DateTime on BodyMeasures
9d13b7c Strava : Correct Manual distance
fb8489e Strava : Remove debug trace
5f3158b Strava : handle manual entry
2340b04 Added test chart using vector formulas
44156c1 BodyMeasures / Use of Weight
f645df8 Deprecate ShareDialog and Friends
616de49 Deprecate Twitter support
3fd026b Cloud Refactor - OAuthDialog cleanup
349df65 Strava and Cycling Analytics Description
e30d0e1 Cycling Analytics Sync - Download
8650045 Cycling Analytics Sync - Readdir
c9c9255 Update Translation DE ,,, + small text fix in original
c412dd6 Default Weight vs. BodyMeasurements
05b3ed0 Wiki CloudServiceDialog screenshot
2345fec Re-introduced vector expressions Using [[Date_From:Date_To]]
f0d6692 R 3.4.0 Support
0965185 Strava : Choose metadata field for activity name
319c1f6 Fix Terminology ... "measurements" (noun) not "measures" (verb) - thanks Mark
6033e9e Rename FileName (which PR did not do)
178419d Rename FileName (which PR did not do)
abccf84 Rename "TraingStageBuch" to "TrainingsTageBuch"
1e06d44 Strava : Include from/to in date range
f3539a1 Strava : Debug steals response data
02ea7e0 Strva : Use remotename
7a0bc04 Strava : use local start date
c1d6390 Strava : add pagination on query result seems limited to 30 activities
d2b81f5 Strava : Refactor Stream reading Like Mark did with SportTracks
44d90f0 Strava : Adjust streams call
769a7d1 Strava : Read Streams
3e65902 Fix download regression
48debe1 Today's Plan RPE - fixes
b50b684 Fix Regression DataTable
0b289b9 Use units specified in zone settings for run/swim/default.
f2239a8 Fix "Shadow" Tmp-Exhaustion Marker ... which appears only when plot is "zoomed in"
5a664f8 Fix CP chart to add in y-value.
cd485c2 Use correct units for CV hover dialog.
cd8afbb Fix minor warnings & reduce header includes.
3c3a9bc Fix variant check to ensure default URL is used
59e843d Cloud Auto Download - Better info
7d80a2c Fix import regression
15cd1ce Screenshot for RChart wiki page.
869b218 Hi-DPI Support - Cosmetic Fixups
135af75 Fix auto download flicker
ef55c7c Provide zoneslow and zonescolor in GC.athlete.zones().
7059397 Cloud Auto Download - 3 of 3
8c12cef SixCycle - Support Compressed Download
b551736 Cloud Auto Download - 2 of 3
7d354f2 RideMetrics - add missing Body Measures ... Athlete Bones ... Athlete Muscles
ccbba3e Cloud Auto Download - 1 of 3
2b4759c Fix train view select ERG crash
0ed9fbc Updated translation files To help translators working with development builds
3397116 Strava Upload Only for Dev Build
2566f10 SportTracks download preserve gaps
75a7863 Vertically align cells in the upload / download / synchronise table
20ccf87 SportTracks - Part 4 Upload
002e90e SportTracks - Part 3 readFile
99476d9 SportTracks Fixups
274427f SportTracks - Part 2 Refresh token and readdir()
7e6954e SportTracks OAuth Fixup
30b735e Update CI (Windows) Build environment to Qt 5.8
5613cd3 - Part 1 of 4
15f9d9d PolarFlow Integration On Hold
f9ea914 TodaysPlan less debug
aff60e3 TodaysPlan - rename response when converting
3b7a1e6 TodaysPlan - Resolve Memory Leak
22e9038 Today's Plan : Correction for Fetch RPE
c137b09 Strava : Correct readdir parameters
13ee0a5 CloudService - Sorted List
43c772f PolarFlow Cloud Service - 3 of 6
2d00b69 Adds Peak Pace Hr metrics
d327634 Fix Qt4 build error
0cf9ca5 Disable TodaysPlan RPE file I/O
37ab293 Strava : Sync (1/4) Just list files
3603a7d Today's Plan : fetch RPE
1601fe3 Need QT5.6 for QWebEngineCookieStore
9fcc66d OAuthDialog - Clear Cookies
deaa5d9 Hi-DPI Support - OAuthDialog Scaling
92867e2 PolarFlow Cloud Service - 2 of 6
82020b4 CloudWizard - Fix ... settings for syncOnStartup
f1a4f82 Improve BodyMeasures - CSV Import
514f245 PolarFlow Cloud Service - 1 of 6
2197cfe BodyMeasures Handle ',' embedded in string
d74a84b Cloud Refactor - Remove Upload to Calendar
b1545a1 Minor tidy up
57276cd Simplify Share Menu
987051d Cloud Refactor - Athlete > Accounts
c1dc7b0 AddAccountWizard screenshot for wiki
3ead6e2 Remove this as it is not necessary and causing comparisons to crash.
9343cbb Cloud Refactor - CloudService list/select Athlete
2a49a55 CloudService - Fix Error Reading Files
cf8c766 Cloud Refactor - Combo (e.g. Google Drive Scope)
2c1197a Cloud Refactor - Withings in AddCloudWizard
0039fcb BT40Device: Ignore the CSC service for devices which also provide power
fe6a25a BT40Device: Refactor, connect to services after service scan completes
6e42e59 Cloud Refactor - AddCloudWizard uses OAuthDialog
0e733f2 Change gear ratio precision to hundredths.
bac3f65 Cloud Refactor - AddCloudWizard use injected config
006c06c Cloud Refactor - CloudService Configuration Injection
8c0be7f Recognise Ben Walding
61a565a Cloud Refactor - WIP Fixups
084789b Issue #2421 - debounce the calibrate button on the Computrainer HBC
3800099 Cloud Refactor - Simplify Menu Options
393dd8f Hi-DPI Support - Finer granularity in Font scaling
9ba5f2e Fix precision of Lat/Lon when exporting to CSV.
9023143 Move members to private and correctly use method externally.
2983614 Fix broken build on MAC with Qt5.8.0
7d3b2e7 Put back to correct number of MS for WKO format
82b5068 Cloud Refactor - AddCloudWizard < Qt5.8 fixes
bf8d8a8 Cloud Refactor - Add Account Wizard Part 1 of 4
9e9131b Remove comment
cd016f3 Fix bug on calculating hours/minutes.
5dc6e8e Use defines for units Fix precision loss issues Remove unused variables
3f5f341 Updates to use defines
b593f83 Use pre-existing define
7eb3caf Standardize some numbers using existing defines.
f7deb13 Use I/O kit to delay screensaver as UpdateSystemActivity deprecated.
ee8ce1c Remove duplicate of virtual base method and mark as ‘using’ in derived class.
915a59f Fix to match virtual signature
936b542 Fix order of init in struct to match decl. Remove double set of variable.
d9f6245 Simple logic fix, last = point always set after if anyhow.
27c549c Fix potential memory leak
8455be2 Remove unused method.
dfea04a Remove unused member variables. Fix methods to prevent hiding of virtual methods with incorrect signature.
cebcd9a Move variable into scope in which it is used.
eeb3dae Mark unused variables
47a3f04 Prevent memory leak and short circuit if no ride found.
09d4a56 Prevent virtual method hiding by matching signatures.
4fdeee1 Delete new object to prevent memory leak.
1234330 Prevent divide by zero
aba9dd4 Prevent NULL pointer use Mark params as unused to prevent compiler warnings
75d3c02 Create default to prevent use of uninitialized value.
9e65c1b prevent use of uninitialized value of point.
647a472 Simplify label additions.
4cca22f Use local variable.
a81ce7d Enable options only if ride is available.
3df396c Fix dereference of null pointer of chart Remove unused values
d8fc943 Fix dereference of null pointer; pdmodel & zones
80fcc94 Fix unnecessary cast to float. Fix dereference of null pointer of theCurve2. Delete new’d objects.
0f0f1ed Cloud Refactor - Add Account Wizard WIP
e86bdeb Support S&C sensors with single magnet
5c39291 USB/ANT: Detect device removal
239f430 USB/ANT/FORTIUS: Stricter error checking
d5eb58e USB/ANT: Display an error on failure to reset ANT device
097f9ed Cloud Refactor - Add Account Wizard WIP
e52a27d Fixed use of metric reported in #2387
ad97fbe Revert accidental commit
f96257f Hi-DPI Support - About Athlete Wheelsize
d5dfa5e Cloud Refactor - Service Logos
ffaaa48 Cloud Refactor - Service Icon Images
84e409e Fix - Data Table ... allow different starting X values per column (edge case)
6c9bce8 Update .travis.yml
397b84d Cloud Refactor - Add Default URL to Settings
76a86e3 Cloud Refactor - CloudService settings
44df574 Cloud Refactor - Selfloops
18618d8 Cloud Refactor - Cycling Analytics file type
82db0bd Cloud Refactor - Cycling Analytics
87cfa9a Cloud Refactor - RideWithGPS
84d353d Cloud Refactor - Strava
f3083b0 Cloud Refactor - Preserve Copyright
f8108f5 Cloud Refactor - TrainingStageBuch
b3d12ec Fix LTM - Data Table
938da20 Slightly larger preferences pane
08dcfeb Cloud Refactor - VeloHero
cb9b38d BodyMeasures add "source" and "originalSource"
2c7d958 Cloud Refactor - Copyright updated
1cf0fdc Cloud Refactor - SportsPlusHealth
0efd2f0 Cloud Refactor - Uploaders => CloudService
d6830f8 Cloud Refactor - Add RideFile* to Upload API
b16407d Athlete Preferences - Model Parameters Tab
d7e4151 Athlete Preferences - Backup tab
2ed8c8a RideNavigatorProxy Fixup for QT4
1d0239c Body Measures UI
787d22d Cloud Refactor - Factory for TodaysPlan, Google et al
23fce48 Cloud Refactor - Rename FileStore to CloudService
a2af92a #2408 - Prevent infinite loop if the linked field has blank replacment value
82154e8 Fix compile error on non-Windows systems
396c114 Russian translation Monthly update
c6fe020 Fix Navigator refresh when data changes
dba6f6f Fix Static Code Check results
7f593a3 Body Measures - Download ... improve processing of partial downloads
6498032 Hi-DPI Support - Fixup Font Config
122132e Hi-DPI Support - Configure Font and Scale
9cd2673 Hi-DPI Support - Deprecate Metallic Style
6f90cd9 Hi-DPI Support - Remove Unused Font Settings
5d31f87 Fix compile when no kqoauth
ed15b61 Today's Plan : Coach can access there own data (2)
2830bd1 Revert last CPPlot change
4197a72 Today's Plan : Coach can access there own data...
3ec09e3 CPPlot : Remove FTP+rank
207e99a FIT : Add some minor fields
d210efb BodyMeasures - CSV Import
10c6061 Hi-DPI Support - Progress line
d363653 UserMetric Mutex for Ref Count in Constructor
7dc1257 UserMetric Destructor Mutex around Ref Count
127a4d9 Fix LTMSidebar V3.5 crash
4b08e96 Body Measures - Compile Error
a6c8dc4 Body Measures - compile error when Qt < 5.8
c6c2121 Introduce BodyMeasures as generalization
643a273 Hi-DPI Support - Fix invisble cursor
cf919da Hi-DPI Support - FileStore Dialog Sizing
d3c8e54 Avoid c++0x dependency
87a1f81 RideMetric Taxonomy Updates
dd69877 RideMetric Taxonomy
e2a7ee9 Hi-DPI Support - Overlay Positioning
850a2a7 Hi-DPI Support - Overlay Widget
26b8b1d Hi-DPI Support - Plot Symbols
24e1425 Hi-DPI Support - AllPlot
514c64a AddDeviceWizard Size Fixup
81a7c62 Hi-DPI Support - Default Font Pointsize fixup
fbbffe8 Hi-DPI Support - Size/Space tweaking
b97efff Hi-DPI Support - Train View Telemetry
af91076 Hi-DPI Support - LTM Data Table
62ec397 Hi-DPI Support - RideSummary Font Pixels
0c23b42 Hi-DPI Support - Summary Window Font Size
b92bbcf Hi-DPI Support - Default font use pt
1a624b5 Hi-DPI Support - Chart titles and reveals
a34732e Hi-DPI Support - Fix RideEditor Dialog Sizes
6586304 Hi-DPI Support - Fix ColorButton
6653c9a Hi-DPI Support - Preferences Size adjust
29ba062 Hi-DPI Support - Code sweep for fixed sizing
c8fb7a5 Hi-DPI Support - Ride Import Wizard
903af7b Hi-DPI Support - Merge Command Buttons
1d8817a Hi-DPI Support - Add Device Wizard
5f786a8 Hi-DPI Support - Editor
24703a1 Hi-DPI Support - Pushbuttons and Combos
0a9aea9 Hi-DPI Support - Workout Editor
9405252 Hi-DPI Support - CloudDB Charts
9117ec8 Hi-DPI Support - Dialog Sizing
74b4b87 Hi-DPI Support - Requires QT5
45a73cd Hi-DPI Support - Spacing
f69b7b8 Hi-DPI Support - Preferences
540d312 Added #ifdef GC_HAVE_KQOAUTH to match class def in WithingsDownload
ab2a005 Hi-DPI Support - Overview
5bd3156 Hi-DPI Support - Use Pixel Size for Font Selection
0e0cb25 Hi-DPI Support - ChartBar
49cd05e Hi-DPI Support - Compare Pane
52919c0 Hi-DPI Support - Scope Bar
81e9e23 Hi-DPI Support - Toolbar and Sidebar
ee586bd Hi-DPI Support - Stop MainWindow resetting font
a574ee2 Hi-DPI Support - Scrollbars
785c8a6 Hi-DPI Support - Startup
e53b527 Hi-DPI support - set ratio and default font
bbf734f Overview - Only activities with equal sport tags for Sparkline
0e452db RideMetric::count needs to be a double
65bc8de Added SDANN and SDNNIDX hrv metric
ab09d1b Reference correct zone set
b457c1d Overview - Fixed Zones reset
8397b9e Update Simplified Chinese translation.
aa3389a Fix compile error from last commit
10fb43b Overview BubbleViz Matching Fixups
6ade268 Overview Route Transition Animation
ee54154 BubbleViz hover paint error
c9c72bf Test rides with HRV data
2dc92d5 Fix Bubble ArcTo NaN error
5b965d2 Read ISO 8859-1 characters if present + handle all pdd versions.
07df4aa Bugfix HRV filter
7779ace Extract sport from pdd file
b0b32a6 Overview Bubble Transition CPU
fa05535 Fix Overview Bubble Size transition
83a705f Overview Intervals Transition Segments
d2ae6b5 Overview Bubble animate transition
75becc8 Win10SDK
43e0011 Add missing translatebility ... for new Overview Windows ... for one special HRV Metric
d2fc6ce Overview Bubble Hover Interaction
cac303a Fix Overview Sparkline Mean Calc
057cec3 Overview Basic Speed up for Dragging
d0719e5 Overview Metric Up/Down vs Last 42 days
def737a Overview RPE card, initialise hover
07def42 FIT : Disabled debug traces
0a8e5f7 Add secret.h for Twitter and Withings
87c1196 OverviewWindow - Added std scope to isfinite and isnan It fails to compile on Ubuntu 16.04 with gcc 5.4
9270c3e Overview Save/Load Setup
c6904cb Overview HRV tile plots rMSSD
7c47293 Overview Don't Plot when not Visible
e65ef94 Withings : Use new API
676fc9a FIT export : Add Start and Stop event
4a99be7 Overview Intervals Bubble Plot
764b21b Overview single click to set RPE
685e230 Overview Card BG Demo is horrible
b953305 Bugfix reading of Polar data
f095416 Plot R-R from Xdata
16e2451 Added HRV metric
6ee411a Read hrm (including rr) files generated using Bipolar
525dd70 Added HRV filter
b78dcbe Lipstick on pig
5a45344 Overview Card Brush use RideItem::color
b78698a Fix Cursor shape lost on click resize
a206ba6 Card color configurable
d5ecb0b RideMetric code clarity
a7a4bec MonarkConnection: always empty read buffer before requesting a metric
48833b8 RealtimeData: Add Slope as viewable metric
323562c Monark: Add possibility to fake kp-mode
4e19a30 Remove SOAP from
90a1325 Athlete Backup ... enable translation (which was partly missing) ... provide Translation DE
916d4cd Fix ride list focus on data change
428caaf Overview RPE fast edit on dashboard
607e142 Today's Plan - Workout Download ... show workouts in proper order from "now" to "future"
c2bfddf Windows Crash Handler
e1d2cc6 Overview RPE card
fe7a0ef Build Instructions Windows ... Update to build with Qt 5.8 and MSVC 2015
4bf366a Overview Numeric META gets a sparkline
2130bfa FIT : Add some info in FIT export
13372a8 FIT : Add lap (entire activity)
f007688 Translation DE ... update
8611642 Add notice that these instructions are deprecated
9d0b0b9 HRV Support Add stdmean() and stdvariance() to RideMetric
9729c0b Re-enabled Data Summary on LTM Charts It is not very useful if Scrolling and copy of data are disabled
3c97e76 Re-enable scroll on IntervalSummaryWindow
a6caf5f RideItem::getCountForSymbol return 1 not zero
9a601c0 Don't disable RideSummaryWindow
b9207d9 Fix QT < 5.4 build and QT < 5.0
fe619c5 Overview Fix Card Font size on MacOS
eba373b Overview Notes metadata
a3be6ba LTMPlot aggregate metrics using count
d4a1cbc RideCache stores count for each metric
ddf9be3 Overview basic layout update
c30acdb Overview PMC card
17f3a15 CloudDB - Chart Curation/User Editing
1aaa4a6 Overview Rewrite Route visualisation
050a913 Correct total_elapsed_time in Session message Thanks Aaron
125549f FIT - add new Garmint devices to list
6c61b0e FIT - Fix Lap Starting time
df53369 Overview Chart base code fixups
0b8efca Overview Route Visualisation using Google Map
0d17d68 Map Window show/hide overlay
ea4aacf TodaysPlan - Download of Workouts ... allow download of future scheduled Workouts from TodaysPlan
8dd9a56 Today's Plan - Search Paging ... optimize performance by using "next" instead of doing a full search again for each page
808daf9 Overview Significant Performance Issue Fixups
79bdbf4 Rox 11 - SLF ... calculate samplingRate since Rox 11 does not deliver it in the XML data
5cd135f Disable BTLE on Windows
aab4e88 Fix SEGV in Qt Charts when setData called quickly
a58fc51 Fix Overview SEGV
dbd360d Fix Keyboard Focus loss on Ride list
5e6dae6 Overview Interval Scatter Plot
373d0dd Fix Overview Metrics sparkline when time based
d8714bc Ignore test files in github linguistics
ef85dd2 Update .gitattributes for linguist stats in github
5d815d7 Overview Performance Issues on Drag
cc3cfda Overview Sparklines 14 days and Show Range
b801d08 Add Windows crash handling
6c86cf7 Enhancements to Travis Build
813d32f Overview Sparkline Y-axis Fixup
7b4fc55 Overview Sparkline Fixup
dd88dd9 RideImport ... in addition to DateTime in the .json File name (which is in local Time)
9021180 Overview Sparklines for Metrics
06eb7e1 Overview Animations Memory Leak
aa612b9 Sixcycle upload compression
3a9ea67 QtWebEngine Cache in User Directory
10dcffb Hide axis on Overview Card
d54c15c Build Id Update for Dev builds 1702
73cc18d SixCycle Date Fixup
33bbad4 QtWebEngine Cache on Windows
789bc67 Overview Metadata Card
7fe1ccd CloudDB - Curation/Editing ... keep current position in paging through the list of charts if nothing has been changed
f2f9ac8 Overview Pace Time In Zone
e366443 Overview and Qt Charts in QT 5.8
18d5196 Translation DE ... Update/Fixes ... Align Cycling Dynamics Terminology with Garmin Translation
2245bbe Overview W'bal Time In Zone
87edd11 Overview Power Time In Zone
b809102 Overview Chart Animation tweak
0e17baa Overview HR Time In Zone
53bbad1 Today's Plan ... do paginated access to the Activities list instead for fixed limit to 100
d9fd553 FileStore ... Translation Enablement (partly missing) ... eliminate some compiler warnings
bf974bc Overview base setup
d5dc72b Overview add units to metric cards
962d775 Overview Display Metrics
ffc62e1 Overview Card paint title
ca086fd Don't use CPLOTGRID in Ride list
8b55673 Uninitialised count in calibration code
5d3307c Fix FIT export SEGV on manual rides
4791aca Fixup Github source stats
87650be SixCycle readdir() convert date to Local time
17e11b3 Overview Design Decisions
8950b0b CSV: Remove white space in header
8095de5 Overview Drag Visualisation
07796d3 Overview Page Configure Toggle
c3b4f20 Today's Plan : Select athlete
18470a7 FIT : No NaN in float values
e04d9d1 Todays Plan Fix '..' in filename
a82335e Overview Tweaks
db599e3 R XDATA columns replace ' ' with '_'
e4b2082 Translation DE ... complete check/re-work
a07f80a Overview Layout UX Tweaking
44ed77c TodaysPlan - Synchronise ... non .JSON files (e.g. .FIT) are not listed for download
8312ed6 Overview fix Scrollbar jarring effects
2488880 Overview Fix SEGV on scrollbar hide
3693169 Overview vertical scrollbar
3952fd7 Overview Placement animation
35ae6aa Better UX for edge scrolling
7a79e70 Overview Scroll using MouseWheel
41c6336 Overview Fix Resize Y Scroll Constraint
d16dc83 Drag and Resize Autoscroll
c11dc55 Overview Scrolling
4279162 Read HRV into XDATA
cba3d28 Store R-R data into XData for SML files
cfe2a08 Added FIT file to test HRV reading.
0cff7c2 Read R-R data into Xdata
383c401 Overview tweakable parameters
443d579 Overview Fix Y resize glitch
30393dc Overview SEGV fix for drag right
a75b26c Overview Animate View Transition
23031f7 Revert "HRV / R-R updates to RideFile and Allplot"
eb81adf Overview Resize Column Widths
e2068e2 Overview variable width columns
e62d3c6 Added SubSport from Garmin FIT format.
6c8927d Added hrv to Allplot
b7151e3 Added reading of R-R data from FIT files
fe84df0 TodaysPlan Fix suffix handling
98d6b48 Overview Fit to Page Width
1e89925 CloudDB - Ressource Reduction
db0e069 Overview fix cursor reset
b0c2a96 Overview resize tiles
09f2e0a Overview Drag Layout finished
baaf288 Overview drag and drop cards with animation
f21eeb9 Tweaks to Overview
25edbe4 TCXParser ese MSecs not Secs for Time Deltas
3717c0a Added length-by-length XData to TCX lap swim files
74e105e Added length-by-length Swim XData for PWX lap swim files
15cf2a0 OverviewWindow fix delete column 0 bug
300829d TodaysPlan can download non-JSON
ea1ab20 Train/CSV ; thb and smo2 are double
67a888b Fix TodaysPlan start time
235ec23 Add FIT Support to FileStore
8c1fc46 FIT: correct GPS data (export)
0721eb3 FIT : Add activity end message disable (wrong) GPS data now
b1081a6 FIT : Remove debug traces
20a97e2 FIT : export file 1/3 Basic record
d45abde Overview Re-arrange when a column is empty
76cf1e8 Overview Window Animated Layout
a5c30d5 Updated Swedish Translation
d183dcf Overview Prototyping
c0e4afc Introduce Overview Page
b815550 Fix FileStore build on QT 4.8
3b34de6 WebKit based WebPageWindow download import
d3a79be TodaysPlan add a bit more debug
3613330 Less Debug and Fix QT < 5.8 build
4fef38a Webpage Download only with QWebEngine
0ef2512 WebPage Download invokes Import
4002b9e RChart honor change in background color
f771fd6 Add calibration support to train view
17dceef Todaysplan - Share Dialog ... get URL from configuration, not fixed on Stage
91596d5 Add a basic text notification area to train view
171eba8 Minor build fix
97bc7e3 CloudDB - Version & Telemetry
2d7d52a Todays Plan Oauth can have private keys
b9ebfe7 CloudDB - Version ... no user message in case of network problems
ce76057 SixCycle Improvements
d0028e4 Fix Stages Freemotion timestamps
d8f4b01 Fixed Running Power calculation in GOVSS
805d0fe SixCycle now provides StartDateTime
d4f9e7b R GC.season.intervals() honour type=
542c26e Sixcycle Fixes
bafc374 Oops
ed9724b R season intervals use short type desc
85f216d R GC.season.intervals(type=, compare=)
8183c27 Qt 5.5.1 build fix
d5634e3 SixCycle Integration - Part 4 of 4
c6dcbbe SixCycle Integration - Part 3 of 4
917d492 Parking SixCycle Integration
bb1f999 Tag Up V3.4.1 development
9d6ab2f Recognise Arun Horne
f37acd1 CI Update Travis Secrets
935c37b CI only deploy builds for tagged releases
3c300fb CI Update deploy API key
924880b CI arunh -> GoldenCheetah
c33baf6 SixCycle Integration - Part 2 of 4
9a15772 Add credentials for this repo
2553b38 Travis CI deploys to GitHub releases
a432b0b Travis CI deploys to GitHub releases
ef098e8 Appveyor CI - Windows ... build with Qt 5.7.1
0d15e00 Tidy up attributions
07ec22d SixCycle timeout on no authentication response
94bedcd SixCycle Integration - Part 1 of 4
0e6ce66 SixCycle Credentials
c2fb434 Another typo in JsonRideFile.y
547d5cc Fix XDATA regression in JsonRideFile.y
57f0fb8 TodaysPlan : download files
686b26d Today's Plan : correct include dateTo
070c6f9 Correct zip/gz extension
98cfb2e GoogleDrive : Turn off debug traces
1ab2395 Chart Settings Geometry FUBAR
5a9db2e Today's Plan URL configuration
a96b79f FileStore : Add distance and duration
bbba354 Today's Plan : use staging site in debug
b4bc42b VideoWindow : Correct typo in comment Thanks Claus
ef20eee #2292 - Toolbar height is optimised
61b45cf GoogleDrive : add comment
9a1248b TodaysPlan only for Qt>5
814d3f2 Train view UI nits
1d78bab Correct comment typo (thanks Claus)
160ec69 DropBox : Add slash for reading dir
3a719f1 Add a Today's Plan sync dialog (1/2) Upload OK but Download not working
5b24c30 User metrics "before" and "after" functions
d8dd9e7 CloudDB - deactivate Telemetry
850c865 Lap alert fixes
caf4a52 CloudDB - add Version/Update Information
8ac66b7 Initial implementation of a new lap sound
0a4614d Move train view options to new preferences tab
9812964 Default to curated only on chartDB download
417ff99 Scale R chart on resize
73cc509 R Chart GC.size() and Default Page Size
f3d68a5 Fix Linux menu bar on mainwindow colors
50d269a MRC Files format fixup
5a18bbb CloudDB - Telemetry
fa4f6fe CloudDB - Download Counter Statistik
4e97e04 Fix XDATA regression in JsonRideFile.y
e98b166 R GC.season.metrics() returns special fields
29c52ee add device regex for Kettler serial over bluetooth
1c79072 Fix commands sent to Kettler serial devices
ded112b fix docs in serial device selection regex
fa48ea7 Fix Regression (3.4) in TCX and FITLOG Export ... summary metrics where not exported into the XML files
db9e297 ShareDialog : ignore ignoreSslErrors to ignore handshake errors
b4f5a06 Add LMFit to About > Version Dialog
66daf44 Add LMFit optional dependency
c18eb17 BT40: Zero readings provided by a sensor that disconnected
b10f8d2 BT40: Try to reconnect if the connection to a device was inadvertently lost
cd1d30c Today's Plan : stop using staging
0302f79 Today's Plan support GC json ! use GoldenCheetah json (instead of tcx)
1a41493 Today's Plan display error message
6ec9760 Today's Plan filename with extension
8db9d78 Compress files for Today's Plan
06d1de3 Add Today's Plan client id
63f388b Today's Plan integration (first part : auth + upload)
f0d6ec1 Monark: Fix issue on windows computer
ede7975 Monark: Add support for Monark 839E
62c34eb Fix FileSyncDialog SEGV on Synchronise
f132aef Change variable name for clarity
9f90bcc CloudDB - Chart Caching ... create Caching Root Directory if not yet existing
1d3c7db Ensure FE-C device is visible in pairing dialog
bd85b88 Less FE-C debug noise
8cde0a5 Blacklist S&C sensor if also Tacx FE-C device
8ee6084 Monotonic timer for ANT sensors
d3a2bd7 More SSL handshaking with GoogleDrive
4adab3f Ignore SSL errors during reply processing
c46a13e OAUTH ignore handshake "errors"
27f77a1 Google Drive Auth - more diags
860b348 Minor translation related fix on LTMPlot Affects non english users using charts with units in english
5692c33 Deprecate GoogleMap and BingMap We use RideMapWindow for several months
9b3805d WebPage add http:// if no scheme present
144f13b Web Page Experiments to Fixup
af13abe Browser Download WIP
5c75839 Update Web Browser Chart
1a4b3f7 Remove onError
8987a3b Correct copy-paste
b1e96fc Correct page for win build
5e21ddb CPPlot : Add aPower/Kg serie Add zone for aPower and aPowerKg series
b4c3813 RideFileCache : Add aPower/kg
34a2a9b Train view : add web page (not enabled)
e99312e Save Start Date when HR/Pace Zones are updated Fixes #2260
70d8356 TAU override ignored for integral method
4d19c17 Training Planning Development Starts
00bafe5 User Flow Doc Update
0461de2 Today's Plan API documentation
3e268b3 Correction : Efficiency Factor by XPace if no Power
f4af9c2 Delayed preset charts loading to wait for custom metrics initialization Fixes #2230
e194060 CloudDB Upload/Download improvements
aa2d973 Small compile nit fix
9e16fe0 CSV : No value for temperature is not 0°
c7c2237 Train : Record load in XData TRAIN
cc9c089 User Personas Document - Athlete
d62612d Remove unused header reference.
c7b0a48 Fix crash when merging activities.
ea56ac9 Update User Flow UX4
5769f4b R GC.season.MeanMax includes Dates
dbedd29 Updates to User Flow
2e005a6 Changed Delete/Edit/Rename on sidebar interval context menu To have the same behavior as the hamburger menu Fixes #2233
5b94ac6 Fix typo
73fedf4 Edraw Navigation Flow for UX4
46db89c Update UX4 design doc
b91503e Udated Spanish Translation Last updates plus some fixes
6245f37 Update UX4 design doc
4858627 Update UX4 Design Doc
caf9002 Axure Design Concepts for V4
d3c5ffc Updated Swedish Translation Contributed by Henrik Johansson
5fa6806 Fix display of fractional seconds in block hover cursor.
f7f1b60 Fix creation of qwkcode from fractional seconds.
a74c2f9 Deprecate TrainingPeaks
fb14bce Deprecate Mac Native Buttons
450fa8d Fit: Add Wahoo ELEMNT in Device Name
34df3c3 Aerolab: Save parameters in MetaData
4b88b61 Fixed metric formatting in Compare Pane Fixes #2188
0db7b78 MainWindow showhideToolbar always on Mac now
a4ea714 Added Swedish translation
f5386d0 Added swim XData for SML lap swimming files One record per length with the same conventions used for FIT files
f9fa210 Cosmetic - adding/maintaining consistency
7e10f64 Fixed SML lap swimming files import when using drill mode Fixes #2198
68fbb63 Fit : Add some Garmin products fix #2196
aed160d CI Deprecate support for QT4 on Mac
ffff355 DataFilter : Match exact name for XDATA series
68e60d8 Update FitRideFile.cpp
2ba2f5b Edit Italian Translation
ee426ce Undo accidental edit in
f15e3c7 Don't assume a perfect 1 second between every telemetry sample
993a731 Close log file descriptor after duplicating it

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