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@liversedge liversedge released this 29 Apr 12:16
· 10790 commits to master since this release

strava sync


Cloud Support

  • Automatic check and download activities on startup
  • Sync with Strava
  • Sync with Cycling Analytics
  • Sync RPE with Todays Plan


  • SRM calibration support

API / Expressions

  • REST API only listens on localhost by default
  • Reintroduced vector expressions in formulas
  • Access zone boudaries and colors in R chart

Serious Bug fixes

  • Fix crash when selecting ERG file in Train view
  • Fix failing import/download
  • Fix ride summary crash
  • Fix crash on download compressed ride from SixCycle

67ba894 Code Formatting and remove Debug
da8706a Fixed mixed variable on RideSummary causing a crash Fixes #2491
ecc3e04 Support for SRM manual zero offset calibration
3e671de Only listen on localhost
11c563d Changed Date to DateTime on BodyMeasures
7acab2e Strava : Correct Manual distance
be53cf6 Strava : Remove debug trace
0f91561 Strava : handle manual entry
2b2d886 Added test chart using vector formulas
9a68f9d BodyMeasures / Use of Weight .
f724dad Deprecate ShareDialog and Friends
b292cb8 Deprecate Twitter support
aedd224 Cloud Refactor - OAuthDialog cleanup
401a02d Strava and Cycling Analytics Description
4d5f7b1 Cycling Analytics Sync - Download
29c9ece Cycling Analytics Sync - Readdir
b1a3bd0 Update Translation DE
9b8832e Default Weight vs. BodyMeasurements
9baee97 Wiki CloudServiceDialog screenshot
db1142e Re-introduced vector expressions
558b36a R 3.4.0 Support
6f1dd8e Strava : Choose metadata field for activity name
e60c8f1 Fix Terminology ... "measurements"
bfdf950 Rename FileName (which PR did not do)
65ac7cf Rename FileName (which PR did not do)
0f028ab Rename "TraingStageBuch" to "TrainingsTageBuch"
306c60a Strava : Include from/to in date range
73c6d97 Strava : Debug steals response data
f4b82fd Strva : Use remotename
c5d276a Strava : use local start date
fcf1946 Strava : add pagination on query
b38874f Strava : Refactor Stream reading
cf99b80 Strava : Adjust streams call
0bb52b1 Strava : Read Streams
730e103 Fix download regression
4e47a36 Today's Plan RPE - fixes
be2edb8 Fix Regression DataTable
0980946 Use units specified in zone settings for run/swim/default.
2911d64 Fix "Shadow" Tmp-Exhaustion Marker
499b638 Fix CP chart to add in y-value.
1f144f5 Use correct units for CV hover dialog.
8b761da Fix variant check to ensure default URL is used
da88a60 Cloud Auto Download - Better info
5340a6e Fix import regression
158b772 Screenshot for RChart wiki page.
3440dfc Hi-DPI Support - Cosmetic Fixups
a3eb75c Fix auto download flicker
3f59dcf Provide zoneslow and zonescolor in GC.athlete.zones().
20f3bf6 Cloud Auto Download - 3 of 3
7da2307 SixCycle - Support Compressed Download
bbb581b Cloud Auto Download - 2 of 3
196066a RideMetrics - add missing Body Measures
5f28755 Cloud Auto Download - 1 of 3
45b3d4a Fix train view select ERG crash
278a9f3 Updated translation files To help translators working with development builds