@liversedge liversedge released this Oct 2, 2017 · 427 commits to master since this release

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October 2017 Development Build


Significant Enhancements / Fixes

  • HRV support native import of HRV4Training / EliteHRV file formats
  • XData is preserved on merge and split
  • Update support for Dropbox V2 API
  • Fix GoogleDrive Folder Setup
  • Kent University Collaboration
  • Strava Downloads with Smart Recording are expanded if enabled in config

Changes Log
21125ff Kent University Part 3 of 3
81b7259 Fix Strava lap swims and expand Smart Recording
beb1b2d Remove trailing whitespace from "Lap StartTime" in tcx files
011d097 Fix QTextEdit in KentUniversity.h
dd0b677 Fix QMessageBox header on MSVC
8943c28 Fix QTextEdit unknown Type in KentUniversity.h
caaf674 Complying with DMCA takedown for WASP Packet Protocol
dc21935 AddCloudWizard Consent Page + GoogleDrive refresh bug
243361e AddCloudWizard Folder read-only
bd06ec2 KentUniversity Fix CSV file format
36e6487 Kent University Part 2b of 3
07d4aee Fix MSVC build error KentUniversity
fc04c1c remove qdebug
9130a71 Fix GoogleDrive FOLDER_ID setting
f54b4eb Kent University Part 2 of 3
5374af8 Migrate to Dropbox API v2
cf41bd1 remove qdebug
0910bb7 University of Kent Support 1 of 3
6f39a59 Compile error on major(dev_t)
ac515b6 Merge pull request #2626 from Joern-R/Dropbox_API_V2
4fa3e5b Migrate to Dropbox API v2 - Part 2 of 2 ... updates the upload, download, file list endpoints
528e062 Preserve XData on Combine Activities (Merge)
71176bd Preserve XData on Combine Activities (Join) Part 2 of #2406
12d44e9 Preserve XData on Activity Split Part 1 of #2406
bc783ed Preserve XData on Activity Split Part 1 of #2406
c5cf5e1 Add support for R-R txt files import (HRV) Fixes #2613
f54303a Fix Withings API related defines
f70ab21 QT >= 5.8 stop ride summary stealing focus
2c62390 FixPower ... allow fix power value to be added/subtracted in addition to percentage values
12fe082 More flexible HRV CSV file parsing
e97dbf2 BikeScore is relevant only for rides Fixes #2329
b668cb4 Honour Sport tag even when run specific data are present Fixes 2367
eb67f17 zh-cn translation update
cb52390 Increased precision for HRV Recovery Points
ccb30c7 Added unmatched suffix to Unknown file type error on import Fixed #2596
e06ce3e Fit : Device info - display manufacturer when no product number
fe737f6 Strava : Correct lap start end index fix #2505
14459cb Joule : Correct log
8c79fc4 Fix for trainview crash
2b47ca5 HRV screen captures for the Wiki