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Updates since June

  • Marking Performance Tests in Activities
  • Improved CP modelling incl. Performance Tests
  • HRV RR collected in train view
  • HRV import fixups for HRV4Training

672a16d R2 label use superscript (its squared not 2)
61cf324 Fix units on CP plot work/time
1a8f4bd Overview metric for HRV needs to be displayed
1b2ef12 ANT: HRV measurement improvements (#2935)
322b774 HRV R-R data in Train View 3 of 3
332184f HRV R-R data in Train View 2 of 3
3a31f5d HRV R-R data in Train View 1 of 3
e87d3b9 Fix Overview Window steal focus MacOS
143c10d CP Plot Helper Title for Work/Time
74fe950 CP Plot Helper show model name
dd4ff86 Fix last commit
6e91261 CP plot filter best in Work/Time plot
1191b8b fix missing break in switch/case statement (#2918)
2a60830 LR Model Fit calculate R2
9e5242a CP Plot fix y-axis for higher values of PMax
bb4a860 Add Last 24 hours to date ranges
1721064 CP Chart Plots the Linear Work Time Model
8b2473d Fixes Last 6 weeks season duration It is current day plus 41
6979d66 missing ifdef GC_HAVE_ICAL
95fd240 Update to commit 39269cb on CP2 search intervals
8a64b65 Linear Regress for Work/Time Model Fit
4f19f75 Tidy Up CP Plot Overlay
39269cb Extended CP Model Search Intervals
9208bfa CP window fit options
5046fe6 Hi-DPI Interval Sidebar
c66a9d1 CP Plot refresh on intervals changed
3384114 CP 2/3p model interval defaults
34c402a Add LevMar lib to version dialog
d9b12d6 Alternative Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
7ff5a97 Disable WS/Velo models
22ce1dc 3 Param CP model env fit settings
e07c849 Text Labels on CP plot for Performance Tests
73366fd Add tests() data filter function
9cedf54 Performance Test Intervals Bold Text
5455714 CP Plot Performance Test Aesthetics
3aab662 Interval sidebar helper for performance tests
778fa11 CP Model Explainer Deck
a1635f0 Support Performance Tests for watts and watts/kg
d4cb586 CP Chart Modelling Improvements
c79565c Better CP Plot Fit Summary
54b1612 CP plot show info about fit
beb5b37 Replace NP for IsoPower in DataFilter validation
1a7839d RideFile::watts is sufficient
4437e94 CP fit to performances
061df5f Plot performance tests on CP chart
649d3ee Fix Interval Color bug
a45fe54 Mark Performance Tests
0953c0d Removed local instance of SpecialFields from RideMetadata
bbe8056 Add Hrv4Training sample file with 12h time format Also fix PM times
4667bce Parse Hrv4Training files using 12hr format Fixes #2891
600c416 Changed Hrv measures to return zero when no record for date Fixes #2896
5b4e754 Refresh PMC data when Seasons change to consider possible changes on Starting LTS
55ec397 FIT : Change the time_offset reference
e0a4330 Show model parameters on CPPlot for aPower and aPowerKg
28e5ef6 Notify when data processors are running on import