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bab1dcea6beca69adcfc67585efc00aabbed6709890c747cc88110e0de6e62d8 GoldenCheetah_v3.5_DEV1901_MacOS_64bit.dmg

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73239cd34100f7d462792dbb343eba84bc295bb06b8285ef0d089a0d328978c7 GoldenCheetah_v3.5_DEV1901_Linux_64bit.AppImage


Updates since October 2018

  • Banister Model for performance prediction
  • Power Index metric and performance test detection
  • Daum Realtime Device Support
  • Map Chart Improvements incl. Google user API key
  • CP chart updates incl. Power Profile and Percentile rankings

dff632f Fix Windows CI
1042f0f Update Translation DE
89068ed Banister datafilter
5a66c13 Banister fixups
fb83864 Banister Windows Contiguous
1148e3a Banister fitting windows
05a8c49 FitRide : Correct doubled interval duration
1841faa Add media folder
68c5ded Enable decay adjustment in Banister Helper
9b9b6f1 Banister Model Helper on LTM
25f13f4 Re-Introduce connection to Withings
5022dba Allow precise adjustment of the time slider with a keyboard. (#2990)
9871d1e Banister Data Managed in Athlete
a205e7b LTM plot banister with gapped curves
5cc2e05 Fix Banister Windows Build
0fe7145 Banister Modeling Resources
2aa4779 Banister Modelling
c958107 Fit : Interval use total_elapsed_time if no time info fix #2982
971cd4d Banister Performances Update
cdfff8f LTMPlot/Tool add banister settings
ae3320d Show performances on LTM plot
a89607e Weekly Best Performances for Banister IR
efb1a64 CP MMP Filter improvement
46abc66 Banister modeling - PowerIndex performance metric
807ea68 Added method decodePhysiologicalMetrics
9bb0aeb Add test files for Firstbeat/Garmin session metrics Pull request #2986
49bc27b RideMap : Use user custom tiles
1ad5208 Updated French Translation Contributed by Arnaud Leclere
ef22b59 Column Chooser Popup - Text Length
679a9bd Allow to select .gz files on Import Similar to .zip files Fixes #2969
61dc7f5 Move Google Map API key to chart settings
8299011 Fix compile error rDir not found
7cf6783 Support for x-Trainer (http://www.x-trainer.dk) added.
e91b4e9 Sporttracks.mobi : read laps fix #2981
ad46bf9 FIT : Add debug logs
39e3707 RideMapWindow : Add running markers
d1f255f RideMapWindow : Let user with Google API key use the Google Map
ca9b5b2 RideMapWindow: 4/4 Display interval markers and draw AvgPwr color paths on OSM
4eca780 RideMapWindow : Remove the google option
3633a1e LTM Reveal Window - avoid "cut off" text for translated period strings
101b825 Fixes R issue when Home is set on Linux
feed0c7 Save Zones files using UTF-8
f681597 Update Russian translation
f7d2431 Remove references to QwtPlot3d and kQOauth
7073fb0 CP Plot Tests honor sport settings
a64c6f0 CP Plot Tests honor filter settings
d817541 PythonConsole: Print expr value when executing simple statements
0b4d466 Model CP and W' decay in Morton Model
1a50345 Fixes Measures FingerPrint
ea5c07d CP Explainer Deck Updates
0c668c0 Fixed error message in Train Library
aae6243 Changed Notes to Calendar Text
d51080e LTM Charts - Changed default precision from 0 to 1
3f8446b Travis-ci - Added qt59networkauth-no-lgpl
5ed9890 RideMap : 3/4 draw interval on OSM
f6ebdea Fix AeroPod : AeroPod record CdA in the HR series
ee5e93b FitRideFile: Add ibike in manu
a7844fb CsvRideFile : ibike correct ride time for pause add XData for calculated power
5f3486e CP Plot PD Profile W/KG
f60e28e CP Plot Power Profile Lines (watts only)
83d4490 Travis-ci - Install and enable Python 3.6 and SIP on Linux builds
6749574 Travis-ci enable Linux build to generate AppImage
44ea4d4 Better error handling in Fix Elevation
a854b9d Fixed Typo in Spanish translation Fix #2953
edb0444 Add support for Daum realtime devices (#2952)
b5ed04b CP Plot show w/kg percentiles
c580259 Remove kQOAuth from travis-ci It was deprecated on #2881
acad616 Fixed Precision of Rest HF/LF metrics Tipically imported values show as zero on Summary
aead637 Enable libusb and libusb-compat (#2950)
af8e59e Use https for download
9e8aa07 Translation - Update Translation DE - Enable one more text for translation
50f77a3 Parameter percentile off by one
9fb7309 CP Plot Percentiles for CP, W' and Pmax Estimates
5c5b4e1 Fix CPV units in ScatterPlot
4c870c7 AppImage - added libssl.so/libcrypto.so
2787870 CPPlot force refresh when filters change
2707e3b Only include CalDAV.h if have ical library
3f95d11 Only try and build CalDAVCloud if ical is present
aebc5dc Crr and CdA Regression Explainer
6f59d09 HiDPI: Aerolab lineedits for Cda,Crr etc
e264405 Fix Aerolab crash on no ride selected
475288d aerolab tests rename directory
5ce7b3b Aerolab Test Files
f7f2ca1 RideMapWindow : Use leaflet instead of googlemap api for OSM 2/4
2068221 Remove google.api for openstreetmap mode 1/4

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