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@liversedge liversedge released this Feb 22, 2019 · 16 commits to master since this release

Asset SHAHs

Windows 32Bit SHA-256

Windows 64Bit SHA-256

macOS 64Bit SHA-256
3b14154f05ba75012debb0225bd2ebaba575047a1f9606a4a7a7f3ccbc780e13 GoldenCheetah_v3.5-DEV1903_64bit_MacOS.dmg

Linux 64Bit AppImage SHA-256 (updated mar 9 to fix Withings, SportTracks and OpenData secrets)
46e4d84b55abc02da2b9cd81a1b98747ffd969c995e16dafce110e48cc26f3d4 GoldenCheetah_v3.5-DEV1903_64bit_Linux.AppImage

screenshot 2019-02-25 at 13 49 52

Updates since January 2019

  • Fixup Strava sync
  • Ride a GPX file in Train View
  • Merge activities by distance
  • Windows Builds use R 3.5.2

030a1be Strava : Use 64bit for Strava ID
7d2d762 Disable 'calculator' acting on crs_loc.
1402f6a Ride GPX files in Train View
68b4254 Ignore MSVC2017 build artifacts
a4c78a7 Translation Fix
20ffbb3 Prevent GC from crashing if Bindings method return NULL PythonDataSeries (#3014)
8836252 CP plot show ride as power index
ba8946d LocationInterpolation
82aff2f Add missing 'public'
cd9b03e Merge Activity by Distance
6301996 Change LTMPlot to use GappedCurve for Measures Better handling when HRV data is not present
9138a28 Add Device Wizard bigger window
04b6bab Minor typo fixes in comment.
c0cf875 Minor typo fix.
80e99d1 Fit : Be sure only on cad point used
3b33e65 translations : lupdate and update french translation
867e86e Set the type of activity to Ride, Run or Swim, instead of always Ride.
4886a8d Force BikeScore to zero for runs and swims
e8fe590 Upgrade to VLC 2.2.8 for Travis-ci Linux builds
0468405 Upgrade Qt to 5.9.7 for Travis-ci Linux builds
543c4a6 Merge pull request #3004 from probonopd/patch-1
021bbeb Add "Categories=Science;Sports;" here, too
fa4ce91 Add XDG categories
b5c9651 Fixed Linux CI upload linuxdeployqt changed the output name

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