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First Steps: Your first athlete (Version 3.2)

When you run GoldenCheetah for the very first time, you need to create you first athlete through the "Choose an Athlete" dialog box.

Choose an athlete

At a later stage (when having multiple athletes created) see Special Topics: Handling multiple athletes you can select one of existing ones. But here you have to select New... which opens another dialog box to create a new athlete and set some basic data.

New athlete dialog

Whilst it is possible to configure these values in preferences or within an individual activity you should go ahead and set up as much of the data as accurately as possible. These values are used as defaults in many metric calculations.

Details in the fields can be found on Options: Athlete

Note: Since GoldenCheetah 3.1 it is possible to define an explicite "Athlete Directory" in which all the data of the created athletes are stored. When starting GoldenCheetah for the first time, your first athlete is created in the "default directory". If you consider using a different athlete directory than the default one, please follow the guide Special Topics: Setting the athlete library after your have created and saved your first athlete and before importing any activities and changing any other configuration of GoldenCheetah. (As of today GoldenCheetah does not provide a feature to copy athlete data between different directories - this would be a manual step for which you need to understand to data storage concepts of GoldenCheetah. So selecting the correct athlete directory before adding any activities is an important step.)

Once you're happy with the athlete settings click Save. You will then be able to select your new athlete in that initial dialog (where your new athlete is listed now). Go ahead and open that athlete and you will be greeted with GoldenCheetah, but a splash page.

Analysis view splash screen

This page is shown because there is no data associated with this athlete. We need to go ahead and download some data from your bike computer or import some data from disk or USB.

NEXT STEP: Get you first activity(s) downloaded from device or imported from files

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