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Logo Golden Cheetah: User's Guide

The main focus of this new GoldenCheetah User's Guide is to describe the features and functions provided by Golden Cheetah:

And here a link the 'Table of Contents' of this user guide:

Still can't find it? Try the Site Map

Even now you can't find it? Then it's most probably not documented yet. Since the functionality of GoldenCheetah is growing fast - and many features have been added in version 3.2 - the Wiki documentation is partly behind. So anyone finding a missing section is invited to help out and enhance the Wiki accordingly. Thanks.

There are some assumptions taken regarding what this guides is NOT. It's

  • not a developer's or build guide for GoldenCheetah / it assumes you are using a stable version of the software with minimum release level 3.2
  • not an introduction into power based training / it assumes that you have a basic understanding on power based training together with knowledge on the common terminology
  • not an full introduction into all GoldenCheetah metrics / it will deliver information on the metrics which are important to understand the software, but not provide detailed background on all the metrics provided

Since new versions of Golden Cheetah are coming out frequently this Wiki is planned to be updated as soon as new functionality is available. To track the releases, each Wiki page has a common header with the information from which release on a feature is available / or if a feature is deprecated in a certain release.

For first time users of GoldenCheetah we recommended to at least 'flip-through' the whole Wiki - ideally with GoldenCheetah running in a second window and make yourself familiar with the concepts and features. Once you have done this, use the Wiki to re-visit specific details and concepts which you are using in GoldenCheetah. Most of the GoldenCheetah functionality is very straight forward and self-explanatory. This Wiki will not elaborate on those features and functions in broad detail (everyone of you knows how to select of file for upload, so no need to explain this here) - but the Wiki aims to cover special handling advice related to the different functions - such as ("where do I have context menus on (right) mouse-click", "where do I have mouse-over features", "what is the impact of moving my athlete directory",...) - so all the things you might face when you use GoldenCheetah, or you need to know make full use of what GoldenCheetah is offering.

Note: All screenshots are taken on a Windows 7 installation of GoldenCheetah. Installations on other operating systems supported by GoldenCheetah will have a slightly different look&feel.

Disclaimer: The Wiki is written to help users to explore the capabilities of GoldenCheetah and to learn it's functionality. As any documentation, it will have errors and is always incomplete. Also there will be typos and you will easily notice that this new User's guide is not written by an English native speaker. As the Wiki is open to any GitHub user - improvements and enhancements are welcome. Please try to follow the structure provided initially (best seen in the Table of Contents). In case you do not want to edit, but like to provide direct feedback, ideas for improvement,.. please send a mail to "joern.rm at". - Thanks

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