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Audio stack for UEFI. Currently supports HD audio controllers/codecs. WIP
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AudioPkg is a set of drivers/applications for supporting audio (currently only Intel HD audio) under UEFI.

Note: This driver is still a work in progress and may change widely before final release.


Main audio driver, supporting HD audio controllers and codecs. This driver exposes an instance of EFI_AUDIO_IO_PROTOCOL and EFI_HDA_CODEC_INFO_PROTOCOL for each codec for consumption by other drivers and applications in system.


Driver that produces the signature Mac boot chime at the start of booting macOS. Hackintosh users might find this useful.

  • Plays boot chime on macOS boot.efi load.
  • A wave file at the root of the EFI partition will override the built-in chime data.
  • Desired output device and volume is configurable with BootChimeCfg, if these are not set the driver defaults to internal speakers or line out.


Application for configuring the output device and output volume used by BootChimeDxe. Settings are stored in NVRAM for now.


Application that aims to produce dump printouts of HD audio codecs in the system, similar to ALSA's dumps under /proc/asound. Still a work in progress.


This library aims to provide simple WAVE file support.


While this driver has been tested on various codecs and controllers, it may still be broken for others. If you encounter a bug or problem with this driver, please use the issues feature in Github.

Known issues

  • HDMI or other digital outputs don't work.
  • Some stuttering on NVIDIA HDA controllers.
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