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馃弳 1st Place: waff.el


waff.el adds waffles to the Emacs text editor. Have you ever been coding and just deeply in need of some good waffle fun? Do you want to cook your waffles to crispy perfection and add nearly a dozen toppings for your waffley pleasure? Look no further than waff.el.

Created by Team WAAFLES!!!!!!!!!11, Boone Douglass

馃 2nd Place: Stochastic L-Trees


Generates random trees using a OL-System, stochastic procedures are implemented to create random leafs and branches for novelty.

Created by Maguire Krist

馃 Best Beginner Hack: memebreak

"memebreak" aims to distract you while you are working, ruin your productivity, and give you much needed breaks in lengthy computer sessions! However, we do respect important meetings and have implemented a system to delay a meme by up to 60 minutes because a meeting longer than that isn't worth going to without memes! Let's talk about the memes, so the memes are sourced from Reddit and are filtered to exclude any Not Safe For Work (NSFW) posts. There is even a never ending next feature where you can get lost in the world of instant gratification!

Created by Team Os and Ones, Shwaas Adlakha, Adnan Chaudhary, Ayush Gowda

馃 Best Chrome Extension: Duolingo Plus


A chrome extension that changes the language of every website you go on to a different language (that's randomly selected).

Created by Team Duolingo Plus, Michelle Saltoun

馃 Best Website: The Most useless app in the world


The Worlds Most Useless App is a Boredom Destroyer and Escapism Stronghold, made to be your fantasy land when you're bored are having hard times in life.

Created by Arnav Pandey, Frank Airlove

馃 Best Use of Google Cloud: Discord Live Translator


My project is a discord translator and language moderator.

In few words, you set up a language that you want to be used in a chanel, so only that language can be spoken there. It checks all the messages and if the language it is not the given one, it translates it and sends it after doing that.

This makes language moderating easy so you are sure that messages will only be sent in one language in their respective channels, this make things so much easier to multi-language comunities.

Created by Team Alvaro, Alvaro Artano

馃 Most Creative: The Emojimizer


The Emojimizer is a tool to convert every word on a website into a corresponding emoji. This makes sure you will never be able to understand a website again unless you really want to

Created by Team Emoticons, Madeline, Natan, Eoghan

馃 Funniest: Watch This!


Our chrome extension 鈥淲atch This!鈥 summons a Jett character to the user鈥檚 screen. She sporadically performs abilities which mess with user鈥檚 webpage. We included a dash which knocks out the text, and planned on making an updraft which scrolls the page up, and a smoke that obscures the vision of the user.

Created by Team PeepoPoggers, Alex Lu, Raymond Qiu



This is a discord bot created using discord.js that can become your own automated laugh track. You think you are funny? Let LaughTrackBot be your audience!

Created by Team Jacob, Marco Puig



LifeAt but with Glassmorphism

Created by Joseph Semrai

Tab Craze


A chrome extension that automatically opens a new random site from a list of sites when a tab is closed. Every 10 tabs closed, an event happens, in this case the disco party.

Created by Team Two gamers and a bird, Alloz#7792, jon25#4700, Chaotic_Potato#6341

Page Hider


My project is a chrome extension that hides all of the text elements on a webpage when you press the "hide page" button.

Created by Christian Engman

io Game Launcher


Play and keep track of your favorite browser games with a nifty standalone app!

Created by Nick S.

Hallway Stoplight


My project is a stoplight system for hallways to avoid awkward interactions with people coming around corners.

Created by Team Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Sam Crombie

Second bot - a simple conversation experience on Discord


The Discord bot called "Second bot" provides the user with a simple conversation on Discord. The bot replies to the user according to the user's comment!

Created by Mizuki Shindoh, Quoc Huy Le, DivineFavour Edeh



We help our users organize themselves, to adapt and stay on top of their busy lives, especially in this global pandemic, in an increasingly worrisome society. Students will be able to keep a track of their activities and content on a safe and secure platform.

Created by Team Antive, Raghav Verma, Hashir Imam



This is an android application to scan QR codes and bar codes. With the help of VScanner, we can scan the codes and get the content. Also, helps to redirect to website if required.

Created by Team VSoft, Vishnu Sivan, Hema Dileep

Seth Superiority


This project alerts you with statements on the screen whenever you search something up. It then redirects you to scrumptious Seth Goldin and plays him on loop.

Created by Team Seths Simps, Zohaib Saqib, Lavi/ Jaskirat Saini, Nikhil Dasari