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Deploy to Netlify

Bluise - A Nuxt.js & Netlify CMS boilerplate.

I wanted to explore Netlify CMS & Tailwind CSS, ended up creating this boilerplate.

So far we've got:

Few things I'd like to add in the future:

  • Contact form under _slug.
  • Dynamic sections/widgets.
  • Responsive CSS markdown.
  • Tests



# ensure you have the prerequisites
# install
brew install node && brew install yarn

# OR update
brew update && brew upgrade && brew install yarn

# install dependencies
yarn install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:3000
yarn dev

# build for production with minification
yarn generate

# run all tests
yarn test

Using Netlify CMS

  1. Deploy to Netlify.
  2. Enable Identity under Settings.
  3. Configure registration preferences & external providers if needed.
  4. Enable Git Gateway.

Note: You'll need to specify the Netlify URL when browsing the admin page locally.