Animating Launchpad lightshows is challenging. It shouldn't have to be.
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Software Designed, Developed, and Published by Gooborg Studios (Vinyl Darkscratch, Light Apacha), © 2018 under a GNU General Public License. Additional support from LaunchpadFun.

This software is in beta stages. Please report any bugs you encounter!


  • A C++11 compiler
  • CMake
  • wxWidgets
  • GraphicsMagick
  • RtMidi
  • LibMidifile (submodule)
  • GooCore (submodule)
  • HOWL (submodule)
  • LibMagic (optional)

Build and Installation

Lightpad has four executables: main, timeline, midiprobe, and midiout. Main is just what it sounds like, it's the main application, bringing together all of it's features. Timeline is a teast program to demo the timeline on it's own. Midiprobe and midiout focus specifically on MIDI connectivity, with the first providing a list of available MIDI I/O ports, and the second playing a test file to the Launchpad, while also telling a pressed button to pulse a random color.

Lightpad utilizes CMake as it's buildscript. To compile and run Lightpad, type the following commands:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. && make -j8


(Work In Progress List)

  • Fast switching between projects and files
  • Looping animation playback
  • On-screen Launchpad to emulate animations
  • Connectivity with a physical Launchpad
  • RGB color to closest velocity match
  • Automatic saving (not implemented yet)
  • Integration with Exige's MIDI Extension
  • Export to a new Ableton Live project (not implemented yet)
  • More to come!


The software is mainly developed on a 2016 MacBook Pro (touch bar), 2.7GHz Intel i7 with Integrated Graphics and a Radeon Pro 460 (4GB VRAM). The program is not using the GPU as of yet, which lets us emulate a less powerful machine using CPU rendering.

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Mac OS Build Status
  • Windows (implementing)
  • Linux/Unix (implementing)