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So, I hadn't realized that this whole time, I was making a grave mistake: the libraries were statically linked, meaning that anyone who tried to run the game would not be able to, unless they ran it from my own computer. I feel like an absolute idiot... But, it was a good learning experience. Now, you'll be able to actually run the game!

The game has been tested a bit to see if it runs, however only the intro to Prophetbot, the first dream, and the Refuge starting from the color puzzle to meeting George, leaving out most of the barrens, the Glen, and 3/4s of the Refuge. If you download and play this build, please report any issues and, if possible, provide screenshots, so I can fix them as soon as possible!

Please be warned that saves may break at any time. Make sure to disable Steam Cloud Sync as to avoid corrupting the world. If you need to reset your save files, delete both save.dat and save_backups located in ~/Library/Application Support/OneShot/.


This build intentionally omits all game files such as the maps, dialogue, graphics, audio, etc. and a copy purchased and downloaded via Steam is needed to play. I would recommend using a program like Wine or CrossOver to grab the game files as well. Once you have downloaded OneShot, make your way to ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Oneshot/ (Finder > Go > Go to Folder... or Shift+Cmd+G) and copy OneShot.app and _______.app into it (as well as the rest of the game files from Wine/CrossOver). Then, inside the Data folder, replace xScripts.rxdata with the one provided. Finally, run OneShot by double-clicking OneShot.app (I would recommend making a shortcut in your apps folder, as the "Play" button in Steam is no longer available), and have fun!