Runs TextThresher from pre-built images.
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An annotation interface for detailed text annotation by crowdworkers along researcher-defined topics of interest. Under development for the Deciding Force Project. Currently, this app only runs locally.

To setup

The app is run by Docker. If you do not have it already, you will need to install it.

Once installed, start the Docker application (if on a Mac), then go to the project directory and run:

  1. docker-compose pull - To check for updated images
  2. docker-compose up - After about 10 seconds this window stops scrolling info, usually ending with
LOG:  autovacuum launcher started
LOG:  database system is ready to accept connections

Now TextThresher is running. Don't wait for a command prompt! Ctrl-C in this window will stop TextThresher.


  1. ./ # Inits Pybossa and loads all TextThresher sample data


  1. ./ # Just init Pybossa

and one of:

  1. ./ # two test users and two empty projects for TextThresher
  2. ./ # test users, two empty projects, sample articles without highlights
  3. ./ --with-annotations # test users, two empty projects, sample articles with highlights

After initializing, Docker Toolbox users must enter:

  1. ./ # to enable using localhost Enter yes to continue connecting. The VM password is tcuser.

Now you can go to:

After a while, you may want to reclaim the Gigs of space that Docker is using for old images.

  • docker image prune # Get rid of outdated images. Leave containers alone.
  • docker system prune # More aggressive clean, will get rid of stopped containers including data in Pybossa and TextThresher databases. May end up re-downloading current images. Run this with containers up and running to avoid over-pruning.

You will need to create a new account in Pybossa. A default admin 'nick' is set up for TextThresher.

Use docker-compose stop to stop the containers. Enter exit in each terminal window. (Some may need more than one exit to unwind.) Use docker-compose down to both stop and remove the containers. THIS DISCARDS THE TEXTTHRESHER and PYBOSSA DATABASES!

Docker Toolbox notes

To stop the virtual machine providing Docker Toolbox services:

  • docker-machine stop default

So next time you want to run Docker you may need to:

  • docker-machine start default