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<!DOCTYPE html>
<link href="window.css" rel="stylesheet">
<h1>Window State Sample</h1>
<div id="fullscreen-area">
<button id="newWindow">Create new window</button><br>
<button id="newWindowFullscreen">Create new fullscreen window</button><br>
<button id="newWindowFullscreenHidden">Create new fullscreen hidden window, then show after a delay.</button><br>
<p>HTML5 Fullscreen:
<button id="html-fullscreen-enter">Enter</button>
<button id="html-fullscreen-exit">Exit</button>
<span id="html-fullscreen-label"></span>
<p>Delayed app.window actions:
<button id="fullscreen">Fullscreen</button>
<button id="maximize">Maximize</button>
<button id="minimize">Minimize</button>
<button id="restore">Restore</button>
<button id="hide">Hide</button>
<button id="show">Show</button>
Delay: <input id="delay-slider" type ="range" min ="0000" max="10000" step="1000" value="2000"/>
<span id="delay-label"></span>
This text is outside of the HTML5 fullscreen area.
<script src="window.js"></script>
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