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Adding README to the Instagram demo.

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+# AppSquare
+This is a basic Instagram client implemented as a packaged app. This demonstration simply displays the users logged-in view as raw JSON.
+To log into Instagram, it uses the [identity API]( (specfically, the `launchWebAuthFlow` method). Once it gets the OAuth token it makes a request to an authenticated endpoint to get the JSON feed of the user's view.
+When running it unpacked, it will normally have a different ID (the unpacked
+extension ID is a hash of the path on disk). However, this will result in the
+auth API not working, since the redirect URL will be different. To force the
+unpacked app to have the same ID, add this key and value to `manifest.json`:
+ "key": "MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQDnyZBBnfu+qNi1x5C0YKIob4ACrA84HdMArTGobttMHIxM2Z6aLshFmoKZa/pbyQS6D5yNywr4KM/llWiY2aV2puIflUxRT8SjjPehswCvm6eWQM+r3mB755m48x+diDl8URJsX4AJ3pQHnKWEvitZcuBh0GTfsLzKU/BfHEaH7QIDAQAB"
+(this is a base 64 encoded version of the app's public key)
+The key *must* be removed before uploading it to the store.
+## Resources
+* [Runtime](
+* [Window](
+* [Indetity](

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