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Multicast sample has invalid permissions. #119

mckoss opened this Issue · 5 comments

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On Chrome version 27 (stable), I can't get this sample to load properly.

Could not load extension from '/Users/<username>/src/chrome-app-samples/multicast'. Invalid value for 'permissions[socket]'.

If I remove the socket['udp-multicast-membership'] permission, the app will load (though I don't think it works properly).

"sockets": {
  "udp": {
    "bind": "*",
    "send": "*",
    "multicastMembership": ""

The empty string value for "multicastMembership" isn't obvious at all, I had to resort to reading the C++ unit tests to find out the correct value.

The manifest.json documentation states the value requires a "host:port" value, but "*" and any other valid host:port value is regarded invalid.

These are unit tests:


@robbert Thank you for your feedback.

@ikarienator It looks this sample App still uses the old chrome.socket API with the deprecated way of setting permission ;( Would you have time to upgrade this App?

@rpaquay May you update the official documentation at so that it's more clear regarding the multicastMembership value?

@scheib scheib added the bug label
@rpaquay rpaquay was assigned by scheib

@robbert The "multicastMembership" option is now shown at

I will update soon the mutilcast sample app based on @rpaquay's work.


For info, there is an issue on Chrome OS:
The firewall seems to block chrome.sockets.


Multicast sample has been updated to use the new chrome.sockets.udp API.
Please reopen if you're still experiencing any issue.

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