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Chrome Platform Status

Lighthouse score: 100/100

Get the code

git clone --recursive


  1. Install global CLIs
    1. Google App Engine SDK for Python.
    2. pip, node, npm.
    3. Gulp npm install -g gulp
  2. Install npm dependencies npm ci
  3. Install other dependencies npm run deps
Add env_vars.yaml

Create a file named env_vars.yaml in the root directory and fill it with:


The FIREBASE_SERVER_KEY is the Firebase server key obtained from the Firebase console.


To start the main server and the notifier backend, run:

npm start

To start front end code watching (sass, js lint check, babel, minify files), run

npm run watch

To run lint & lit-analyzer:

npm run lint

To run unit tests:

npm run test

Note: featurelist is temporarily excluded because lit-analyzer throws Maximum call stack size exceeded.

There are some developing information in

FCM setup

If you want to test push notification features, you'll need to create a file named .fcm_server_key in the main project root. Copy in the FCM server key obtained from the Firebase console.

When ./scripts/ is run, it will populate this value as an environment variable.


  • Locally, the /feature list pulls from prod ( Opening one of the features will 404 because the entry is not actually in the local db. If you want to test local entries, modify templates/features.html to pull locally and add some db entries by signing in to the app (bottom link). Make sure to check the "sign in as admin" box when doing so. Note that you can also simply go to instead of localhost to pull locally.

Blink components

Chromestatus gets the list of Blink components from a separate app running on Firebase. See source.

Seed the blink component owners

Visit http://localhost:8080/admin/blink/populate_blink to see the list of Blink component owners.

Debugging / settings contains a list of globals for debugging and running the site locally.

SEND_EMAIL - False will turn off email notifications to feature owners.

SEND_PUSH_NOTIFICATIONS - False will turn off sending push notifications for all users.


Note you need to have admin privileges on the cr-status cloud project to be able to deploy the site.

Run the helper script:

./scripts/ <YYYY-MM-DD>

Where <YYYY-MM-DD> is today's date, which will be used as the deployment's version number. This will build the site and deploy it to GAE.

Lastly, open the Google Developer Console and flip to the new version by selecting from the list and clicking MIGRATE TRAFFIC. Make sure to do this for both the 'default' service as well as for the 'notifier' service.


Copyright (c) 2013-2016 Google Inc. All rights reserved.

Apache2 License.


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