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Lighthouse Stack Packs

Lighthouse provides developers with guidance to improve their site by auditing for performance, accessibility and other best practices.

Many developers today use different technologies (backend/CMS/JavaScript frameworks) to build their web pages. Instead of only surfacing general recommendations, what if Lighthouse could also provide more relevant and actionable advice depending on the tools used?




This is still under early development, but we would like to hear any suggestions from community members in the meantime. WordPress is the first ecosystem we are prioritizing for but we'll always be open to suggestions for other stacks that we can support directly after.

  • Feel free to open PRs and provide suggestions for different audit messages in wordpress/audits.json.
    • For each audit, the secondaryDescription attribute can be used to include (or modify) the WordPress specific messages.
  • If you have any feedback or suggestions for any other stacks besides WordPress, please open an issue!

Before contributing in any way, make sure to also read

Testing changes locally

If you would like to test your changes with Lighthouse Viewer using this prototype, you can do the following:

  • In Lighthouse, create a branch off of the one used to set up this rough prototype.
  • For any audit that you would like to update, open its respective file (the file name always matches the audit id)
  • Add a secondaryDescription to the meta static method
  • Run yarn update:sample-json to update the i18n strings
  • Build and run Lighthouse CLI to view the report