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@connorjclark connorjclark released this 02 Jun 18:03

Full Changelog

We expect this release to ship in the DevTools of Chrome 93, and is already in PageSpeed Insights!

Notable changes

  • The Performance Category had a number of scoring changes to align with other performance tools and to better reflect the state of the web.

    • The Performance Score has been reweighted (#12577)
    • The TBT and FCP score curves have been updated (#12576, #12556)
    • CLS has been updated to its new, windowed
      definition (#12554)

    See the v8.0 Performance FAQ for more detail.

    the new metric weightings in the Lighthouse score calculator

  • The report includes a new metric filter. Pick a metric to focus on the opportunities and diagnostics most relevant to improving just that metric:

    the new metric filter in the lighthouse report
  • The Lighthouse Treemap is now available across all the major Lighthouse clients. If your site exposes source maps to Lighthouse, look for the "View Treemap" button to see a breakdown of your shipped JavaScript, filterable by size and coverage on load.

🆕 New audits

  • The new audit csp-xss has been added to Best Practices to evaluate Content Security Policies and suggest ways of making them more secure. This can be a challenging audit to pass depending on hosting environment and page content, so for now it is unscored (#12514, #12551)

🤖💥 Breaking changes for programmatic users

  • Legacy metrics estimated-input-latency and first-cpu-idle have been deprecated, unweighted, and hidden since Lighthouse 6. They have now been removed (#12553)
  • Starting with Node 13, Node is built with full-icu by default, so the very large intl polyfill has been removed from Lighthouse's dependencies. See the readme FAQ if you're stuck with small-icu but need localization support (#12426)
  • Long-time audit uses-webp-images has a new ID, modern-image-formats. WebP is now rather mainstream, and this frees the audit to start including details on other cutting-edge image formats in the future (#12535)
  • The image-elements artifact has been restructured for clarity (#12568)

🧱 Core

  • navigate: only observe longtasks in PerfObserver (#12545)
  • script-treemap-data: do not create nodes with blank names (#12569)

⛏️👷 Fraggle Rock

Support for auditing user flows (#11313)

  • add settings to gather context (#12574)
  • fix usage of distributed conditional type (#12565)
  • support inspector-issues gatherer (#12530)
  • support tags-blocking-first-paint gatherer (#12527)
  • support response-compression gatherer (#12508)
  • align navigation-runner with legacy gather-runner (#12478)

📔 Report

  • improve accessibility of metric filter (#12552)
  • treemap: add placeholder, gist, and file upload features (#12511)
  • treemap: support passing gzipped data in url (#12509, #12519)
  • viewer: fix gist icon (#12505)

👥 Clients

  • fix main session OOPIF checks for devtools (#12533)
  • render treemap button in all clients (#12516, #12570, #12590)
  • backport proto formatting fixes (#12566)

🌍 i18n

📋 Tests

  • run unit tests on all active node versions in CI (#12513)
  • sync devtools webtests (#12578)
  • treemap: reduce debug.json (#12555)

🕸️ Deps

  • update lighthouse-plugin-publisher-ads to 1.4.1 (#12592)
  • update axe-core to 4.2.1 (#12575)
  • update puppeteer to 9.1.1 (#12284)
  • update chrome-launcher to 0.14.0 (#12507)