Launch-plan for sw-framework & sw-cli #111

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All new libraries

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All browsers

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While we can't publicly comment on I/O dates just yet, I think these are good top-level goals:

  • Launch a stable version of sw-framework and the CLI
  • Publish stable API documentation for both these pieces in the repo
  • Publish developer guides (getting started, migrating from sw-toolbox/precache) on /web
  • Prepare working demo app (could be iFixit or one of the HackerNews apps) using sw-framework


  • Launch a stable version of the Background Sync library with docs + example
  • Migrate sw-offline-google-analytics to the new Background Sync library


  • Update existing toolbox/precache codelab to use sw-framework
prateekbh commented Jan 9, 2017 edited

Will it be cool if we can launch a 0.1 version of BGSync library without binary request?
that ways only docs and Request Wrapper remains for me to complete.

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